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IC: Meier Corda Symphony

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I am thinking to let go of my Symphony (v.2) that I bought in June of last year. Nothing disappointed about the Symphony but have some upgrade or try somethings else ideas in mind.
It is in mint condition and nearly no scratch at all. It always be used in no smoke and no pet and no kids environment.  I am still using it with all my headphones (DT880pro, K702, Mpro & ED8)

I think the price will be around 950, I will try to cover the shipping but need to final that in PM. I am willing to ship it worldwide (shipped from Japan). 
Everything included from the original box. USB, power cables & manual.

Feel free to ask any questions or concerns. 

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I am interested in buying a symphony. I would like to buy one used. however shipping from japan is around $200. Would you be willing to settle on $1000 including shipping?

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Thanks everyone to show the interest of my Symphony.  My original plan is trade out my Symphony and going to try somethings else (or better ) , however I end up need more cash in hand recently so my sell and buy (a more expansive one) plan need to delay.


Sorry for those who interested. 

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Looks like that amp was discontinued. Too bad, I wanted to try it someday. There doesn't seem to be anything on Meier's site that replaces it.

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