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Which one of them You have indicated (Violectric, Graham Slee, Burson..) suits best for Beyers T70 and Grado rs325is?

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Musical Fidelity M1HPA.  Or really, any of the Musical Fidelity headphone amps.  They tend to have very "musical and warm" sound signatures to them.  I am enjoying the M1HPA currently, despite not quite being the best pairing with my LCD2s (potentially too "polite").

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Originally Posted by lessblue View Post

I was wondering what solid state amps offer a warm sound signature (or 'tubey').


I realize this is of course somewhat relative, it may sound different from person to person, and the combination of equipment matters greatly (opamps, headphones used, musical taste...).


Still, what do you consider to be warm sounding solid state amp in any price range, DIY included?

In my big system I listen to Valves, strictly. Not heard much solid state that comes close.

I recently bought the iFi iCAN (and their other stuff), it claims to have some kind of "Tubestate" circuit.

It does not sound quite like tubes I think, but it sounds rather good, more warm and relaxed than a few others I heard or tried. Still, I think a real Tube Amp would be nicer.

Cheerio Rich

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From what I've heard:


Violectric V200

Burson HA-160

Matrix M-Stage

Yulong A12

FiiO E9 - slightly warm sounding

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Why don't you get the real thing and go for a tube amp?


My vote is for the Violectric v200 but it isn't as 'tubey' as a real tube amp.

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I agree, the V200 is not completely tube-warm. It got lots of detail, but rather than being overly bright I find its treble to be smooth. It has a hint of lushness and it almost feels natural so to speak, I believe it pairs well with the lush LCD-2 for that reason.


Also, I think Greed refers to Yulong Sabre A18, an amp which also is on my short-list.


The M-Stage felt a tad darker, almost like the Burson, but I felt it lacked the same dynamics that the V200 has, and it didn't feel as lush. Although I feel that the V200 is more natural than thick sounding and warm like a real tube amp. I've heard the A18 is a hint warmer than the V200, but that remains to be heard on my part.

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