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Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take long walks, usually around 4 hours. I don't go anywhere, stop anywhere, it doesn't matter if I have music or not, but I try not to think. I just am empty for those few hours, and that usually lets me relax and to think through a situation more rationally.

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I dont. I just deal with it, no matter what crap life throws at you just deal with it with stoic determination, and realising that getting worked up with stressfull situations and frustration doesnt really help, life goes on and I think there might be good and interesting things ahead. Doesnt always work though and I know its not the healthiest way either, bottling-it-all tends to lead into anger build-up which then again leads to emotional stability issues later on, but then again it is a Finnish (and nordic in general) way to deal with things, I guess: Not used to sharing my problems, I've learned to to handle things on my own.


Good ways to escape stress is listening to music and playing videogames. Former to empty your head and find the "calm spot", latter to simply move your thoughts to other things or even completely away from real world (escapism). Also being with friends and family is also great, takes your mind away from things for a while. But being borderline schizoid those events are quite rare. These arent exactly things that remove the stress though, they just make life pleasing.

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Music, Listening to and playing it, nothing beats it. Oh and sleeping too.

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Meditation, music, good whiskey, friends.  Not necessarily in that order, and those may be mixed and matched.

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listen to music. fap. lift weights or run. play a video game. take apart some of my old speakers and see how it works or sit in quiet room thinking works too.

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