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Sold: iBasso D1 (not D10)

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SOLD   Original owner on this iBasso D1 portable DAC.   It accepts USB, TOSLINK, or Coax digital inputs and can also take an analog signal and be a 'normal' headamp.   It does a pretty nice job and has the AD8066 as the hp amp, LM4562 as buffers and the AD8656 driving the DAC.  You can roll opamps if you want as the D1 is socketed.  One of the nicer things about the amp is it's got decent sized batteries to drive full size cans without straining.  Drawbacks on the D1 are it's larger size  3" x 1.25" x 5" and a slight pop on power-up.  The size makes it a pretty good amp/dac for a laptop; it is much too big for a nano.


It is in almost pristine condition (barely noticeable nicks on volume knob) having spent its time in its faux leather sleeve or on a shelf not in use.  It comes with a USB cable, original TOSLINK cable, spdif mini converter, operating instructions and the charging unit. 


If you are looking for a good $200 unit this is probably it as I'm selling it for $old.





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PM sent, please take a look later!

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Why is this still sitting on my desk?   Purchased direct at $229, this is a steal at $125 for essentially a mini3 + a gamma1 in one enclosure. 


I just sold a mini3 for $80 w/o a DAC and the D10 is running $230.  It's only an inch wider and longer than a D10.  How's this not a bargain?  Somebody take this off my hands, you won't regret it 

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