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SOLD: Audio Technica ESW9 (Toronto)

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Updates: Just for the clarification, I am not interested in any cans for now except Ultrasone Zino or Audio Technica ES10 and of course it won't be a straight trade. I will add money for ES10 or you will have to pay the difference for Zino. Same goes for the amp.



I have a pair of ESW9 that I got from another headfier a few months ago. I have decided to moved to ES10 or something that will give me more Ultrasone sound signature so they have to go.


The headphones are in excellent condition except one or two small scratch on left ear cup.

I have checked the inside headphon coils and they are indeed blue, the sound quality also confirms that they are superior to the ES7 I owned.



Currently, I am looking for $old for local pick up but can ship them out if no one in GTA is interested in them.

I will also consider trading for RSA (except the Townhawk)/iBasso (D10 D4 or maybe T3D)/ Headstage Arrow portable amp.






The left cup



The blue coil



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pm sent

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ha ha will you trade for a broken ms1 

cause that's all i got

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pics added and some updates

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The headphones have been sold.

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