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I know it was an accident, and your warning is absolutely helpful. But I am replying in regards to Pepsione1 in thinking they are health hazards and that they need to change things or else they will soon be sued. In fact my entire coffee reference is only in regards to the sueing issue.

I agree, I don't particularly remember much from the manual but I'm sure it could use some more tips especially in regards to fitting and just generic earplug usage.

So yah maybe some things could be improved in terms of Ety Education...but not to the point where we need explicit warnings such as, "don't drop on ground and step on them".

Etymotic already spouts extremely non-flattering frequency specs, cost a pretty penny, and don't look glamourous...all they need now is every possible health hazard warning for things that are implicit to canalphones on the packaging.
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Tim D:

no prob. some more etymotics warnings:

- for insertion into the ear canal ONLY

- not for children under 3 (choking hazard)

- stop inserting if you suddenly see colors or smell toast

seriously, this was my own dumb luck. i should stick to my v6 when cleaning. live & learn. i think my ear is nearly back to normal now, and i was using my er6 again this morning on my commute. love that isolation!

how are the frequency specs "unflattering", btw?

"some call me... tim!"
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Here's one they REALLY should have.

"Ety's make expensive dog treats"

As for frequency response they only quote 20hz-16khz. When there are so many made in taiwan earbuds that can quote 5hz-25khz, it is unflattering a specification that always gets a newcomer to say "I'm a little peturbed about the frequency response spec however..."
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hahahahahahahaha~ This whole thing is hilarious~!, And what happened with your ex70s?
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hahahahahahahaha~ This whole thing is hilarious~!, And what happened with your ex70s?
i'm glad YOU find it funny. pretty much the same thing, i was cleaning with them in and it got yanked out. you'd think i would learn from my mistakes.. well, pretty much the only time i use my er6 now is sitting sedately on the bus. the ex70 incident was no where near as bad as my er6 incident. the ex70 doesn't have a vacuum seal, so it actually didn't pop quite as bad.

i guess the good news is the er6 is pretty well built: it still works after the redshifter stress test!
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I'm not laughing at you, sorry, I am laughing at the coffee jokes and everything. Has anyone tried to glue or tape the little rectangular holes on the ear-side of the ex-70s?
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An old thread revival I know but I just wanted to warn of the dangers...

A couple of weeks ago I got my Er4S and had been using small comply tips with shallow insertion because I have small ear canals and found the supplied tips to all be too large. TWo nights ago, underwhelmed slightly with the sound, I tried the small triple ety flanges and located the bends in my eaar canals, pushed them beyond and Bang! I found the optimum location. I cannot explain how amazing they sound inserted this deep...deep sub bass and I mean really textured and detailed bass with much better mids than complys and a shallow fit.

The following morning, I tried again to suddenly find it was very hard to insert them that far, I had all three flanges past the opening of the canal, is that too far? Anyway, Is kept experimenting and then I tried the gliders...I wished I had not. I think I inserted one too far into my left ear canal as it got stuck...it took me about a minute of pain and panic as I slowly pulled it out and now I think I may have damaged my ear from the pressure as I have tinnitus, hearing loss and headache in that ear!

I think I am done with deep IEMs for life, I just hope my hearing gets better😥
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