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Delete this thread. DVDs sold!

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Going off to a university soon and I'm letting these dvds go for $4 a DvD.
The money is all going to a good cause...

The Head Fi starving college student association ...


All titles are $4 each plus USPS parcel post shipping. All dvds are in great shape!
If you buy in groups I can ship them together and thus saving you money.
Pm me if interested...Paypal Only & CONUS preferred

Thanks for Looking!


8 Mile

Beautiful Mind, A

Boondock Saints, The


Carlito's Way

Dark Knight, The (Two Disc Special Edition)

Gangs of New York (Two Disc Edition: No Booklet)

Godfather Trilogy DVD Pack $15 (With extra special features disc)
Memento (Special Limited 2 Disc Edition)

Minority Report (Two Disc Edition No Booklet)

Pulpfiction (Collector's Edition)
Reservoir Dogs (Mr White: Special Two Disc Edition)


Saving Private Ryan (Special Limited Edition)

Scarface (Two Disc Anniversary Edition)

Se7en (Special Two Disc Edition)

Shawshank Redemption

Sin City
True Romance (Two Disc Special Edition: Director's Cut)

Also on Sale!
Apocalypica: The Life Burns Tour DVD

H.I.M. Love Metal Archives DVD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Concerto Suite for Orchestra Live DVD

Assassin's Creed PC Game (Director's Cut Edition)


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