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Originally Posted by ninjikiran View Post

Most of these high end speakers are purely fashion items.  They probably sound amazing, but I am sure someone with a WAY lower priced rig can share the same sound quality.

Yeah most definitely. A price tag doesn't make things better, which is why as relatively expensive Bose is, they still sound poor and why this design could actually be beat by something far cheaper. 

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Originally Posted by mralexosborn View Post

Isn't high end audio and investment fund? It retains its value more so than other tech. 

The definition of "invetment", courtesy of Dictionary.com:



the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
a particular instance or mode of investing.
a thing invested in, as a business, a quantity of shares of stock, etc.
An investment should make money. No audio product that you buy new will make you money, unless you can wait 75 years or so for it to become an antique. Depreciation on new audio equipment is like what happens to a new car when you drive it off the lot. If you go on Audiogon, you can often find last year's FOTM for something like half off. Can used audio equipment be an investment? Sometimes, but most people don't have the skill and experience to find something that will really appreciate in value. The vast majority of used audio equipment has dropped in value since the day it was sold and continues to drop today, even 10, 20, 30, or 40 years after it was made.
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I don't think a purchase of  high-priced gear can be rationalized in any sort of financial sense.  It is a matter of willingness and ability to pay for something that delivers a level of performance/satisfaction that one thinks is commensurate with that price.  All of these variables -- level of satisfaction, ability to pay, willingness -- are entirely personal, making it hard to judge someone else's decision.  I would love to have the financial capability to make all of those "stupid" choices others laugh at here.


There is plenty of gear, both high priced and more modestly priced, that, for my particular taste, is grossly inferior to other gear priced a lot lower.  So what? 


Sure, some gear is bought because of vanity, penchant for conspicuous consumption, etc.  But, a lot of the highly coveted stuff that people pay big bucks for are NOT items with brand name appeal and cache -- even looking at some of this stuff should actually qualify one as crazy.  Yet, such gear delivers some aspects of performance that is not easily obtainable from anything else, hence, the willingness to pay BIG bucks for such rarities.  There is a local dealer in the Washington DC area that actually makes speaker systems.  Most of the drivers used are more than 70 years old, and one particularly good horn driver can cost upward of $15,000.  I've heard such  system, and it is, for my taste and priorities, simply amazing.  But, even if I could purchase such a system, I would never show it off; just the opposite, I would hide the fact of making such a "crazy" purchase.

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You should buy a pair or two pair of Sonus Faber Fenice's or perhaps a pair of Nola Grands.  The Nola Baby Grands are cool as well.  Scottsmrnyc

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that's just wrong

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I've got two of those for my entertainment center



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Wonder what they sound like. Probably very efficient beings a horn loaded design. I would imagine they would sound pretty decent. Not worth the cheese though.

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Ok, so I bought these after I saw this thread. I got a great deal!!! Paid just under $300,000 with some nice cables thrown in. (just ask for Bob and tell him I sent you wink_face.gif


They sound pretty good coming form my macbook pro > apogee duet > denon receiver, but I know I am probably not getting the most out of them.


So, can anyone recommend a budget amp to drive these? I don't want to spend more than $400 (maybe $420 max) 


Also should I get a separate sub to go with these?




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Is that for the pair or just one?

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