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Adblock Plus also removes legitimate links to follow content across several different websites. Once enabled, it becomes a hindrance for me because I am not able to view the content that I need to access. A good example of this is the Andrew File System, Webmail by Google for NJIT students, and the Highlander Pipeline. These critical (for me) websites do not respond when I enable NoScript and Adblock Plus on Firefox. At least, that is what I am experiencing on my ASUS N61JV-X2 laptop.

You could just set ABP and NS to disabled for those specific websites, have you tried that?

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Until NoScript finds a way to integrate some sort of peer reviewed and reputation based database into its engine, then I will not be bothered by either blacklisting or whitelisting specific websites because I rarely visit the same ones on a given day other than Facebook and Head-Fi. It has to be an automated system that is seamless. With HTML 5 and CSS 3 along with other competing technologies here and the various development teams at the major web browsers embracing these emerging trends, NoScript has to catch up by providing a truly seamless yet effective system of protecting people from malware infested web sites. Adblock is different. They do a good job of blocking content based upon their worldwide lists which users can choose to subscribe to. I wish that Web of Trust, Adblock Plus, and NoScript would talk with one another and develop a more cohesive and improved system to ensure safe web browsing without the cost of reduced functionality or features.


Symantec Corporation is set to release Ubiquity:





I have no idea just how effective this product will be in real world scenarios and usage models. It looks interesting though.


In the meanwhile, I will just have to be that type of product that I want to see in the development stage. I make my share of mistakes, but if you have read some of my other threads related to computers, then you should know that I am cautious by default and I take a lot of proactive steps to reduce my vulnerability and protect my data. My grades and the extra debts that I incurred to go to NJIT depend on it.

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