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Foster 443741

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It's well known that the Denon AH-D1000/1001 and Creative Aurvana Live use the Foster 443741 drivers.


Are there any other headphone that use these drivers?

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Even more interesting than the D1000 mylar driver [edit nov 2011: the D1000 has a bio-cellulose microfibre driver as well, but 40 mm compared to the 50 mm driver of the D2000, 5000 & 7000] is the "microfibre" driver of the D2000, 5000 & 7000.


More pics and elaborations, please.Denon driver 2000 5000 7000.jpg

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Heard the D2000 and D5000. To MY ears they are not interesting compared to the D1001 signature.

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Yes there is the fully customisable "Kotori 201" and then there is the Haruko Momoi (voice actress) headphone.




review comparing the voice actress, D1001 and CAL - http://ffr41.air-nifty.com/faf_saf_v/2009/09/mh256foster4437.html





Apparently the Kotori 201 has advanced a step beyond the Denon D1001 and Creative Aurvana Live in sound quality.



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