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The $1000 usd challenge!

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Hello everyone,
Im planning to improve my rig in search of audio nirvana (if it really exists :p)
this is my current set up:
laptop-nuforce udac 2 - little dot mk3- beyer 990/250

i listen to vocal trance and electronic music. Sometimes jazz and some new age music.
So the challenge is
for 1000 dollars MAX for each component (dac,amp,headphone) what would you get?
Im also going to get a cd player from marantz sa8003 i believe.

Looking forward to see some interesting input!
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Headphones: Audeze LCD-2

Amp: Meier Concerto

DAC: pick one

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Amp/Dac : Lavry DA11

Heaphones: any


I didn't intend to listen to the headphone jack on the Lavry, but was floored by its sound quality with all my headphones (D7000, HD600, RS-1)  and now listen to it almost exclusively.  It's also one of the best dacs around, so I consider the combination a great bargain.

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HP: Stax Sigma

Amp: KGSSHV (if you can't DIY, Stax 717 or T1)

Source: vintage R2R DAC


If you're afraid of doing the research on electrostats, for dynamics I think a LCD2/2 chan B22/vintage R2R DAC rig would be hard to beat.

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I read briefly on a stax thread, it seems they arent good for trance music.i wonder if its true?
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