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I have the original V-Moda Crossfade LP  Gunmetal(not the LP2) and can add a hint to those saying mids and treble are muffled.It depends on source. When connected to my unamped nanos (4th and 5th gen) they sound congested and require more than half of the volume mids and highs sound distant and the lack of sparkle does not allow instrument positioning although the soundstage is almost 3d all of which made me want to flame them. but I tried them on a sony mini system and the sound changed totally for the better.


Every part of the audible signature sounded SO MUCH BETTER than the ipods (consider I use mostly 320K mp3's ) that I blamed them for poor output ( I have many 32 ohms cans that required more than a notch up in the clickwheel). So I decided to try an inexpensive amp to drive this babies correctly and got a fioo E6 to hook it up to the ipods and the crossfades and I selected the mid boost EQ of the fioo (the blue colored one) and the subwoofer-like sound was subdued for the fist time. I can hear more clarity from the V-Modas but not neccesary greater detail. They sound much better now and I can save battery from both ipods using the fiio for the ipods won't requiere much volume to drive them. In fact they require less. I love the comfort they provide and the build quality, cables and storage box.


That said I know there are much better performers out there for I recently tested the Beyerdynamic DT 770 and they sound more true to timbre and less harsh in the treble section but I still think the Crossfades are a bit underrated and poorly tested and modded.

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I've had my 

Crossfade LP2 Special Edition cans for a little over a week now, I am quite please with the performance.

Slightly bass heavy... I can live with this as most I've tried are lacking in this area. I use a JDS Labs cmoyBB v2.03 to drive them even though the ipod can do it on it's own. I turn the bass boost off and these headphones come alive. Still doing a burn in, if they get any better...I may wet my pants. Great highs , mids and as I've said.... just a tad heavy down low. Very comfortable and very well made. 

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Does the crossfade lp benefit from a fiio e11 amp linked to an iPhone 4?
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im not too impressed with em. i feel you can find cheaper headphones with better quality sound and bass. just not as much bass

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definetly the vmoda's for build quality and comfort but the mids are the slightest bit recessed there good if u dj sound a bit like the pioneer hdj 1000's with less bass and over ear

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more the e3 e5 or e6 because of its lower impedance

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i really felt the crossfades were the beats with better build and clearer bass and much cheaper price. i still prefer my pioneer hdj's the bass is unmatched but not drowning and the soundstage is amazing for closed headphone design although the treble is i mean it when i say the slightest but harsh but not painful with my fiio e6 amp 

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I was perusing my local Costco and I found an unboxed Crossfade LP with no case or accessories. They sold them to me for $30. I used a generic cable and I am listening to them now. I haven't had enough time to really give them a good evaluation but my first impression is:

Hokey Shmokels these pump the bass! They might even be bassier than the Klipsch Image One.
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im thinking of these and a e6 combo? would that work?

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I doubt you will need an amp. They are quite easy to drive. I listen to them out of an iPhone and iPod Touch and I rarely raise the volume past halfway.
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That is a an understatement, so I totally agree

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Originally Posted by valkolton View Post


Crossfade LP has more bass than LP2!  Get a Gunmetal Black or Phantom Chrome Crossfade LP.  The white ones have SLIGHTLY lower bass.


OR just EQ an M-100 by bringing down the 8-20kHz bands...  it has ultra deep extension just like it's LP/LP2 cousins.


How about Crossfade LP Nero? it also have slightly lower bass or the same quantity than the Gunmetal Black or Phantom Chrome Crossfade LP? 

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Well I just sold my Beats Studios to a mate as I was sick of being in public with 100's of other people (I got mine quite a few years ago before everyone had them) and managed to pick up a pair of LP's on amazons sale for around $70 AUD so US$75 and I must say they are exactly what I was looking for as I like bass'y music (hence the name nerobass)

For gaming and music in general they will replace my HD598's that cost over $300 after a few mods (I think)

Really impressed and I've only had them less than an hour!
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The v moda crossfade lp's are cheap now. 115 on amazon. 100 on ebay so I think I'll be getting some if i don't get headphones for christmas. My current and only overthe ear headphones are skull candy ti titaniums. I bought them used for $30. I was considering beats a year ago then I thought there is always somethingthing else plus I finally tried them on at best buy and i wasn't impressed. Aviators have better sound 

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Are the LP's worth getting? I've been looking around and reading a lot about them. Lots of people say that the LP2 are better than the LP's. Can anyone confirm that?

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