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FS: AKG K 702 Heaphones with Hifiman EF2A Amp/DAC

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Hey, I'm selling a pair of AKG K702 Headphones and a Hifiman EF2A Amp/DAC


The headphones come with the original box, but it's missing the sleeve that fits over it.


The EF2A come with the stock tubes as well as MULLARD CV4010 VALVE EF95 M8100 6AK5 5654 Tubes


Both items were purchased on here a while back.




The price for both is Headphones SOLD, EF2A SOLD plus shipping


I would like to try selling as a pair, but might part out eventually.


I am located near Vancouver, Canada and local meet up is fine. 


Contact me with any questions :)" width="" />" class="bbcode_smiley" height="" src="" title="" class="bbcode_smiley" height="" src="" title=":)" width="" />" width="" />




O and I have lots of feedback including heatware (AL3X) and ebay (arekususeven) as well as some other ones if you are really concerned.




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Hey I've received a ton of PM's about these items. I've decided to split them up and the cans are pending. If I haven't replied to your PM, I will if the current deal falls through.


As for the EF2A, there is some interest, but no firm offers yet. I'm now looking for 160USD shipped Can/US for it. I will move it to the appropriate forum once the headphones are sold for sure. 


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payment sent for ef2a.

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payment sent for the k702s as well.

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