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WA6SE black + extra tubes

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I looked at darku's ad for this amp.  He didn't indicate the amp needed to be repaired.  So, could you elaborate on what went wrong with the amp and what kind of repairs are involved?

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It is repaired now and ready to ship. It had a hum so some components got replaced. Darku is a good dealer definitely not his fault. I'm moving in two weeks that is why I must sell. Since woo himself fixed it there will Be no problems smily_headphones1.gif.
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Was the hum coming through the headphone, or was it transformer hum?

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it was coming from the unit, the headphones werent plugged in, Woo said the rectifier was missing the middle pin so probably is what caused the malfunction

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So Jack has the amp and you have the tubes is that correct?

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wish there was more info, pics etc.

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Originally Posted by flaming_june View Post

wish there was more info, pics etc.

your wish for pics fulfilled!

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I meant pictures he took while it was in his possession.

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bump, if doesn't sell the next few days i'll get it and ship everything from here

also I'm US-based

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