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Ultimate ears Super.Fi. 5 vs JVC Review and Comparison

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I've just purchased a pair of Ultimate ears Super.Fi.5 IEM's (£119 RRP) and i just thought i would do a review for you guys, and for the purpose of the review i will do some back to back testing with a cheaper IEM (JVC HA-FX66 (£20RRP)) to see how they compare.


Packaging and Accessories

First impressions, i was really pleased with the way they were packaged i almost didn't want to take them out of the box

but when i did i was in for a real surprise, they come with a neat hard plastic carrying case, 2 pairs of comply tips 1pair of small silicone tips, 2 pairs of medium silicone tips, 1 pair of large silicone tips and a cleaning tool.



comparing this to  the less pricier jvc you get 1pair of memory foam tips (which are like shure olives), 1 pair of S,M,L silicone tips and a totally pointless carry case that does more bad than good to the IEM




Build Quality

this is where you start to see the difference between these to IEM's the UE's win hands down due to them being made of more high quality plastics and also due to the feel and look of them, they feel more sturdy and slightly heavier to the touch and also after 6 months of use the nozzle on one of the uniys broke of without warning but abit of super glue soon fixed that and now they are back on form so to speek


Noise isolation

the JVC's arnt bad by any means but the UE's are in a different league when you hve the comply tips on and music playing you are in a world of your own so be extra carefull on roads



the JVC's are very comfortable indeed the gimmicky ear cushion actually works and the angles nozzle gives a un-obtrusive fit the UE's are slightly better probably due to the comply tips  but worn over the ear with the cables and after a short wile you forget you have them in



the UE cable is slightly thicker and has a better feel to the touch than the JVC but the JVC's win hands down with cable noise the UE's cable is so loud its beyond a joke but to cure this you can wear the cable in the up and over position and it becomes silent but the JVC cable is almost silent anyway.


Sound quality

Now the part you've all been waiting for i am going to compare these with three songs Leaving on a Jet Plane (john Denver) Smells like teen Spirit (Nirvana) and Ebneneezer Goode (The Shamen) and then givethe verdict on eachd IEM to Each Song.


Leaving on a Jet Plane

JVC- the mid-range is quite recessed and muddy and there is very little treble and as a result of this johns voice sounds un-natural and there is no sparke in the instruments.

UE- the mid-rangeis very clear and digs up more detail than the JVC and the treble has more presence and sparkle but at times it can be ever so slightly harsh therefore the vocals sound more natural and the instruments have more presence.


Smells Like Teen Spirit

JVC- the drums sound un-natural aswell as the bass guitar as they are overly exadurated, the vocals sound reasonable but not great because the bass colours the mid-range, there also is little detail when there is alot going on in the music

UE-Wow there is so much detail compared to the JVC and no over exadurated bass so voclas sound fantastic, the soundstage is also great but there is a very very slight loss of detail when it gets busy but oveall fantastic.


Ebeneezer Goode

JVC- Good impact on the bass though not taught but boomy and due to this the vocals are intruded upon and the treble is clouded and just sounds weird

UE- There is less bass but it is well defined the mid-range is in a word brilliant and the treble is is crystal clear no cloudiness at all fantastic.




As you probably guessed the UE's win hands down to the JVC's but there is a £100 price difference isn't there? but now they are on offer at play.com for £39.99 which is a right steal, because they are totally fantastic for the money. But if you are after huge bass look elswhere but if you listen to rock and clasical and light bass tracks they are fantastic unbeatable for the price they are close to the SQ of my goldring dr150 reference headphones so if you are in the market for IEM's at this price range my advice is buy them now and you will not be dissapointed     



Thanks for Reading




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I have something to say about it's build quality though , it's just me though.

The 3.5mm plug kinda screwed up on mine , and as a result the left side doesn't play anything :(

Great sound though.

Well , have been waiting for more than 2 weeks for a replacement unit..

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Are there different versions of the Super fi 5?  Play.com have them on sale for £40 at moment - what version did you pay £120 for?



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I actually paid £40 for them at play.com with that exact deal but i was stating their RRP was £119 compared to the £20 jvc so you could see the price difference between the RRP of the 2 IEM's.

There are only the Super.Fi.5 and the vi model which have the built in mic and control button which are a little more expensive. Many people mistake the name for the Super.Fi.5pro which are more like the Super.Fi.3 but have 2 armature drivers instead of the 1 of the Super.Fi. 3 and 5.


hope that helps

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