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FS: Shure SE530 PTH (added pics)

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I bought them originally as the Shure E500PTH. Since then they have been replaced twice. First time I dropped it and they broke—Shure replaced them. Second time was beginning of this year, right side stopped working and they replaced them—I'm pretty sure the second time was out of warranty, so I think that's pretty nice of them.


Anyways, the last time they were returned me to in a plastic bag, which I assume means they're refurbished. I have not opened that bag since 8 months ago.


I have the original aluminium box (with cardboard cover), 2 carrying cases, PTH unit, one set of triple flange earpieces, and maybe 3-4 sets of unused Medium foam tips (the black ones). I can't find the extension cord, so they will only be included if I can find them.


I've looked at the prices and it seems $200 shipped is about right. Asking $200 Shipped to the CONUS.


Since they are in a bag unopened and I'm not interested in testing them (because then they would be used), I'm willing to offer 7 days return and full refund (minus shipping) if they are defective.


PayPal preferred. Checks as well, but for obvious reason they would need to clear before shipping. Earphones will be shipped FedEx Ground.


I'll post some pictures when I can find my camera (I'm a bit disorganized).

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Last transaction was mutually canceled, so they are available again.


Anyways, here's the earphones themselves. After inspecting the "sealed" bag, it wasn't sealed except for a stick so I figured I'd give y'all a better shot:

Shure SE530 earphones


And a shot of all the stuff you get with this deal:

Shure SE530 bundle


And for those asking, I am 100% sure this is the Shure SE530PTH. It says that on the earphones themselves.

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