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We are experiencing website issues currently. Please be patient since we are fixing the problems and working on adding all of the new products that we have to offer.


Many new products that are available but have not been added are:


HD800 TWag Replacement cable


HD650/HD600/HD580  TWag replacement cable


Ultrasone Recabling


Qualia TWag Replacement cable


TWag replacement cable for IEMs with the new over mold (OM). Compatible with JH Audio, Ultimate Ears, Westone and more.....


LCD-2 TWag Replacement cable

LCD-2 Sapphire Pro Replacement Cable


iBasso TWag replacement cable for IEMs

iBasso  TWag interconnect


Sapphire Pro Instrument cables includes; Guitar, mic, interconnect cables. 


Any adaptor including 2 3 pin to RCA, iPod to RCA, iPod to XLR, iPod to iBasso.....much much much more






WhipLOD Reference 


RCA, XLR, LOD Reference Series


Micro with Oyaide right angle or straight Rhodium connectors


Sony LOD


iPad LOD to Oyaide connector


The entire new lineup with TWspc; silver plated copper.


The entire lineup of Sapphire Pro


MANY MANY more. 


Please contact Additional information is mostly on my forums.




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