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Been using it like this for a long time. A really good transport. As a "soundcard". Not very good. 

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I resell Audio-gd in New Zealand so I wont comment on the Digital Interface.


I have found the Asus Essence ST sound card to be significantly superior to the STX even when just used as a coaxial digital source. The ST was pretty much on a par with the Musiland Monitor 02us as a coaxial digital source for my dacs.


The difference between coaxial digital output sources is much bigger than I can understand.


The imaging is the biggest improvement on the ST over the STX.





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Originally Posted by fredhammersmith View Post

Well, basically because the Xonar Essence can eventually serve other purposes, like a nice headphone source, or a third rig (I have a 2nd one).

But if the Hiface is clearly superior, at 150$, it is a no-brainer.






I had a Hiface and sold that crap. Essence as digital transport is near from the top I had occasion to hear (audiophilleo usb to spdif is a bit better depending of the taste).

It's my second best transport.


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does anyone know how the jitter from the digital coax of the stx compares to some of the more popular usb to s/pdif converters?

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Compared to the Musiland 02US and HiFace the STX digital coaxial output is poor. The ST is on a par with both. I guess the reclocking chip of the ST must work.





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I'm using the coax out on the Essence ST with the Anedio D1 DAC and I can't really hear a difference between that and using the usb 3 port on my motherboard when listening to 16/44.1 material. I tested it today and I was able to quickly switch between usb and coax, it sounded the same to me with the music I played.


I need to use coax though to get 24/192 and I think I'll keep the ST as transport just because it's better in theory :) I haven't tried the motherboard coax out to compare with. 


One of the selling points of the D1 DAC is that it copes well with jitter. Maybe the transport has a bigger influence with other DACs, I don't know.





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I've been using the coax out on the Essence ST for about six months now, it's about the same as the ESI Juli@ (and both are better than my onboard coax out).

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I'm using the ST as a transport since about 2 month now.


what i noticed is, that when i shuffle trough my library with Foobar ( WASAPI, buffer: 1000ms, full file buffer set to 150MB) sometimes when onr song ends i get digital noise until the next track starts.


It's a very annoying sound and it drowns out the last second of the song.


can anybody help here?



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