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Need an Amp for Shure Se530

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Hi guys i just recently joined but have been browsing the forums for a while now lol.

Well, here is the deal, i bought a Shure Se530 a few years ago and now need an amp for them. I use a 120gb ipod and an LOD with fiioE5 atm (the fiio doesnt do much for the shures).


The problem is that i live in new zealand where you cant buy anything (at least where i live) . i'd like to buy an amp from inside the country (as shipping and warranty complicate things if i buy from the US or something) so i needed advice on what my best option is.


i have found 2 sites that have some amps





There are probably more websites/shops but i dont know about them ( I was looking for Ray samuels stuff but couldnt find it)


and if the amp works well with the sennheiser IE6 (but the Fiio E5 drives them well with the LOD) and the SRH440 (which im considering on buying) it will be a bonus!


budget is upto $700-800(NZD) but may fluctuate


Thanks all

sorry if a similar question has been asked before

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Do you actually need a full size amp for them? 

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i think i may have posted in the wrong sections lol. i mostly listen to them in the house so portability is not an issue but im actually im happy with what ever i can get that can drive high sensitivity stuff. Im actually quite a noob at this as u can tell :(

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