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Closed (no sound leakage) and wireless headphones for hearing impaired?

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How's that for an oxymoron? ;)


Let me explain, I'm looking for a pair of headphones for my mother who is hearing impaired (not deaf though). As she has gotten older, she has trouble hearing conversation in movies and TV shows. I bought her a pair of these things I saw on TV, called TV Ears, and sent them to her to see if they help. She said they did help but the problem is that my dad doesn't have a hearing problem and watches the TV normally, so the conflicting noise (from the TV Ears and the normal speakers) makes it hard for my mother when they watch together.


So now I am looking for a pair of closed wireless headphones. Something that she can use with the normal TV sound setup on and it will still isolate her. One would think this would be easy, but closed is not used in any descriptions of headphones at Amazon. Its very frustrating. :(


Does anyone have any recommendations? I am not looking for anything audiophile, as my mom is hearing impaired and that would be a waste. These are strictly for movies/TV. I was looking at the Sennheiser RS-110 and RS-120 but I can't figure out if they are closed or not. I guess my budget is under $60, but its not a hard point. However I do not want to break the bank on good headphones, as any sound quality would be falling on deaf ears (ha!). However, something durable and something not too complex so that the neighbor's kid can set it for them and not have to do any maintenance on it would be preferred.



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I just did the same sort of thing for a friend's dad, but I believe it was less that he had a hearing problem, but that he stayed up late & watched TV.


I suggested the Sennheiser RS 160, which is closed, but that looked to be about $200.  I saw they have a HD 62 TV, which is closed and claims good isolation, but isn't wireless, just an extra long cord.  Not sure if that would work for your mother but would likely be cheaper.


The RS 110, 120, 130, and 180 are open.  RS 140, 160, & 170 are closed.  I've never actually listened to them, but read that the digital transmission (160, 170, 180's) is cleaner than the RF radio frequency transmission, but this might not be an issue for your mom, especially if the transmitter is in the same room.  So maybe the RS 140's are exactly what you're looking for.  Sorry, no idea on the price of these.

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Thanks man! Just checked the RS 140 at Amazon and, ouch, $200+. Looking at the HD62, I'd rather avoid a cord, just to make sure we avoid accidents. I can see my Dad tripping over the cord and the ensuing hospital trip. They have reached that age where avoiding accidents becomes a priority, you know what I mean.


If I get desperate, is there anyway to make open headphones into closed ones? Glue some leather over the cans or something?

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Any update on this? Does anyone know of any good ones for a grandparent with troubled hearing?

The ones he has now are old and look uncomfortable. I want something nicer. Brookstone has a set for $65 I think. It doesn't look bad. I'm just not sure.
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