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Replacing my UM-1's

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Hey Head-fi-

I have to admit, I'm not really an active user here.  However, every time I've wanted to get a new pair of phones or wanted to get a recommendation for a friend, I've turned to you guys and you've never steered me wrong.


Last time I did this, I ended up with a pair of Westone UM-1's, which have served me very well.  However, I'm a little tired of having to continue replacing Comply foams, and I kind of want to try something new.  The warmth of the UM1's doesn't bother me, but at times I wish they had more... fidelity.  I feel like there are songs where I'd like to hear more detail, even if that means sacrificing a little of those fat mids.


Knowing they're famous for their fidelity, I've been eyeing Etymotics- and specifically, there have been lots of rave reviews of the MC5's recently.  Would you consider these an upgrade or downgrade from the UM1s?  What are the MC5s better at, and what are they worse at?

I'd also appreciate any other recommendations- my budget is probably around 130 max, and I listen to all kinds of music- mostly indie rock but also electronic and a little jazz.


Thanks in advance!

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I should also mention, I don't use an amp, and don't plan to in the future.

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Have you tried the Shure Soft Flex Sleeves? I got tired of the complys too. It was an inconvenience getting them in and out of my ears, and as you point out, they need replacing fairly regularly.


In my experience with the UM3X, the Shure tips (I believe they're often referred to as 'olives') are so much quicker and easier to get in and out. Plus, because they're made of a rubber like material, I imagine they'll last a good deal longer and will be easier to clean. I took me a little while to master inserting them and to find the best insersion depth but now I'm really pleased. As to the difference in sound, I haven't compaired the two in depth, and didn't use the complys on the UM3X for long (ditched them as soon as I got the hang of the olives), but I'm very happy with the sound while using the olives.

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Do the "olives" fit snugly onto the UM-1, or would I have to mod them?


Also, I'm still interested in trying something new, so my other previous questions still stand.

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Based on the auctions on ebay, the Shure Soft Flex Sleeves do fit the UM-1.

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the sillicon sleeves from shure do NOT fit WESTONES UM SERIES.


However you can pull the core from complys and insert this into the silicone after this, it fits. This is what i do for my Um2s.


Hope this helped.

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if you need further help i can take pics too but its fairly simple.

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if you need further help i can take pics too but its fairly simple.

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Is it not Shure Soft Flex Sleeves that are included in the UM3X fit kit? They look identical to pictures I've seen of the Shures. Also the auctions I've seen on ebay do state the Soft Flex Sleeves fit the UM 1, 2 and 3. It would be useful to know for sure one way or another with a view to buying spares.

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