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Best choice for under £25?

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I see there are a load of connoisseurs on this forum so £25 probably sounds pretty pointless to a lot of you. But it's all I'm spending :). I've never used ear canal phones before but I have used buds. The thought of canal phones doesn't appeal to me but is it a case of just getting used to them or can they be too intrusive for some to wear?


Ok what is my best option for an earphone in this price range. If it makes a difference, I'm listening on an iPod, mainly to folk, funk, alt rock, mod classical and some dance.

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I've been looking at the Ultimate Ears Metrofi 220, Klipsch X1 and the Soundmagic PL11,20,30. Can anyone give a 1st hand comparison between any of these or has any other recommendations?

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Depends on what you're looking for. Of the ones on your list I prefer the PL30. It's a well-balanced earphone with a good soundstage and an airy feel. Great accessory pack makes it a good starter IEM also.


That said, the best IEM in the price range that I've heard is the ViSang R01 (off ebay). Very impressive sound for 30-odd USD.

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I don't really know what I'm looking for. I've only ever used a pair of marshmallows which just broke. Something with good clarity, comfortable and aren't prone to breaking. I just looked at those R01s, but I'm not really up for ordering from China, and they take 3 weeks.


You'd recommend the PL30s over the X1s? I found a reduced pair of Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5s for £35, a bit over my price range but is it worth it? Also some RadioPaq Jazz for £25. Too many options ... confusing when you're no expert.

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The Jazz is a brilliant earphone that may or may not be comfortable for you. It's rather large but if you're willing to risk that, it's a steal - easily in a higher tier than the Klipschs, Soundmagics, and MetroFi 220s. The SuperFi 5 is a good deal as well at that price. It doesn't really do anything amazingly well and probably won't 'wow' you at first listen the way the Jazz will but it's a competent all-rounder.

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id say the Jazz is probably the way to go, the sf5 is better but many will find it bass light being a BA.


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Thanks for the advice. What's BA stand for?

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Balanced Armature


Recommended reading: Basic Guide To In Ear Canalphones

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What about Xears TD100? That can be had for about 25 pounds shipped at the moment. It's an extremely fun, good sounding 'phone. I've just come from broken Marshmallows too and it's a revelation. If you want your bass deeper, punchier and more controlled, whilst leaving the rest of the musical spectrum to shine without any muddiness, then this is it. However, Joker knows what he is talking about. (Thankyou for your huge comparison chart, i've found musical bliss at last)

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Didn't really think of the TD100 as it shouldn't be that cheap - last I checked it was around 45 EUR + shipping. Great choice there as well if you can live with the J-cord. Might need aftermarket tips, though, as the stock ones are pretty poor.

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Or you can try to check new Jays a-Jays... I heard lots of people praised them! Some say they are better than CX300 & the price is good!

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I was just about to buy the PL30s. I couldn't get the Jazz's for £25 in the end. I can't find the Xears for £25  ..where?

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Joker, I got them on sale last week when they were a mere 15 Euros. Which with the 8 Euro postage translated to around 19 pounds to the UK - so even cheaper. Absolutey insane for how they sound. They can be had for 24 pounds posted right now off of the Xears/Playaz website - Playdo If you do want them, the man who runs the company can speak English but you have to check out in German, which has put a few people off, but the mandatory fields are standard  (in order: Mr/Miss, Surname, First name, Street name, Post code, City, Country select 'Grobritanian',  Email) and you can pay with Paypal like normal. Mine arrived to the UK in under 1 week.

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Yeah I found their website. Couldn't view it correctly with google translate. I'll give it a go in German :). So this is the best option then? Man, my head feels more than frazzled trying to choose between all these different headphones. I thought it would be a nice, simple thing. I was really starting to lean towards the P30s or P21s. I just want some nice 'energetic' phones that work well with ...think 'Mumford and Sons'  - 'Florence and the Machine'. If that means anything.

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it's a bit late but the superfi 5's were on offer on for £35 which is a very good price imo 


but you should be aware that they are in-ears and UE (manufacturere) IEMs do have an issue with fitting for some people but these are a new design and should be less intrusive


I think they've been bumped up to £40 now but if you keep an eye out...

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