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Guitar patch cord for headphones?

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I have a heavy duty guitar patch cord with 1/4" jacks on either end. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD555s. I know that the Senns' cord is replacable - but can I replace it with a patch cord? The stock cable on the Senns feels like the basic cheap cable, and I'm scared of running it over with my chair or something.


Would the guitar patch cable affect the quality? How would I go about changing the cable? Just a couple solders?






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A guitar cable is TS (Tip /Sleeve 2 conductor) and stereo headphones would need a TRS cable (Tip Ring Sleeve or 3 conductor)

If your patch cable is TRS it would be fine for a headphone recable, I have done a few the same way using Mogami 1/4" cables



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How do I know if my cable is TRS?


Could you give me more specific details on how I would change the cable?



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MU-MU-HHiZ1.gif1/4" TS unbalanced (Guitar cable)

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