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yeah working now, *shrug*

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Ordered a bundle yesterday, got the shipping confirmation this morning. Is this coming from Virginia?

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It's most likely coming from Indiana. We ship very few units from our location in VA. 



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Received it today! Excellent packaging for transit, lots of airbags, etc.

Was almost late for class when I got so caught up with setting it up to incorporate my usual audio stuff near my desk. Simply fantastic.

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Be sure to share your impressions with us. 



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I plan on purchasing this bundle deal within the next couple of days. The E9 and E7 are both great products, and Micca Store offering them at such a great price is a steal. Thumbs up to both Micca Store and FiiO!

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Glad to hear that you are liking what you see in the E7/E9. FiiO has truly put out a couple of gems.




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Thanks for offeering this great deal.

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Anyone using this with the ER4S? I'm really interested in getting these. (Actually have the ER4P so I'd need an ER4S adapter.)

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Jack how much for shipping to Canada, I am interested in the E7 only. I am in Markham Ontario. I would like to know how much I would have to pay for customs(roughly) and will you price match mp4nation's current $85 dollar price? Plz reply



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ps i also want the l3 which is bundled by mp4nation

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Each region have their own operating cost and customer expectations, and unfortunately we cannot price match to a Non-US seller. We offer a 30-day return period as well as our extended exchange program for the duration of the FiiO factory warranty. Shipping to Canada is going to be a bit tricky for the E7 as we have to use a trackable shipping method, which means USPS Priority Mail, and that can be quite expensive. We could do it for $120 including priority mail shipping and we can throw in an open box L3.

Sorry we are not able to do any better than that - cost of doing business in the US just isn't the same as HongKong.

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I like this region, where the E7 for $72 shipped, or the E7 + E9 combo for $162,  are good deals (the deal ran all weekend;haven't checked it today).



If not, searching for "headphone amplifier" or "DAC" + coupon codes can sometimes reveal great deals. Checking the various forums and deal sites will frequently land you the next discount coupon deal, as well. The great thing about some of these forums (such as the site linked above) is you can enter keywords such as "DAC" , "headphone amplifier", or any other keyword(s)) for the item(s) you want, and you will instantly receive an e-mail notification when a deal matching the keyword pops up.

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