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Originally Posted by ivanlau1999 View Post

Just got a new DT990 250OHM how long would it take to burn in?

The best way to 'burn in' new headphones is to spend a bit of time listening to familiar music with them, to let your ears adjust to the new sound-signature.

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I was just commenting on this on another post. My DT990's sounded like mud out of the box. They Improved significantly with jus one day of break in. They improved even more over the weekend and yet I don't think they are done breaking in yet. They are listenable though.
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Originally Posted by Ash Telecaster View Post

I was just commenting on this on another post. My DT990's sounded like mud out of the box. They Improved significantly with jus one day of break in. They improved even more over the weekend and yet I don't think they are done breaking in yet. They are listenable though.

I have just read a Taiwan forum (yes I am a Chinese). They said the soundstage always change before 1000hours of burn in time :P
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After that much time, you'll more likely hear a change due to the pads compressing...

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I tried the DT 990 premium 32 Ohms. And I found the mids and somewhat pronounced treble to be the problem. The mids sounded hollow and small covered by the treble more than the bass.

And the treble was also a bit brighter than my Grado SR 60i. Although, it was extremely airy.


Would the DT 990pro model have fuller forward mids and lesser treble without losing the airy quality of the other variations ?

And has anyone tried the DT 990 pro with portable amps like the Fiio E6?I have the Xonar DGX + E6.

How good would they sound?Would I lose some bass and treble out of a portable amp?

I'm almost dead set on buying the DT 150. My friend praises them very highly and how they compare against the HD 650 and higher models. I believe him, but If the pro model corrects the hollow sounding mids , I might change my mind.

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will the audioengine D1 power DT770 80 ohm or 250 ohm ?

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Did anyone try the brand new DT770 Pro's lately? I just got the 250 Ohm version, the newest one, in that new box with an opening flap, the carrying bag, etc.  Is it just me or do they sound significantly better than they used to?  I mean, I had every headphone in the Beyerdynamic DT lineup, 770Pro 80, 770Pro 250, 880 600, 990Pro 250, as well as T1's, as several cheaper not so popular, but still awesome models like DTX-910 (aaaaaa-fcking-mazing for the price btw), etc. so I have quite a lot of experience with Beyer, you might even call me a Beyerdynamic fanboy (I'd call myself that), but this one caught me by surprise.


These 770's sound much better than any I remember, and I've heard a lot of 770's over the last 2-3 years, including some really old ones, with those old headbands. I don't know what it is, did they change drivers, did they redesign something, or...?  Last time I heard the 770 250 ohm version was about a year ago, but I have my 80 version around, so I can't really directly compare the old 250 and new 250, but I remember that until now I always preferred the 80 version because it sounded more organic, and they were about the same technically. But this 250 is just amazing.  The resolution, overall clarity and control of the sound seems to be on a whole different level compared to an 80 ohm version, it's like they're not even at the same price range. The sound is totally grainless, like...almost T1 level of smootness and separation, detail is superb as well.  They are bit bright up top, but smoother than what I remember, and bass is very, very tight and fast, but still has that rounded, in-your-chest thump that the 80 version has...it just sounds like it's coming out of a headphone that might cost twice as much.


So...is it just placebo playing with me, or did anyone else notice the differences?

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Ok I've just spent some time comparing the T1's to DT770 Pro 250's...and I have to say, they are extremely close. Out a Schiit Asgard 2 and HRT Music Streamer II, which is my college setup, the only differences between them is that T1's have slightly less sub bass and an almost compressed and plasticky sounding bass,  sliiiiiightly bigger soundstage and smoother highs, and slightly more lush (but less clean, almost muddy) sounding mids.  Vocals sound virtually identical on them, slightly more organic on T1's, a bit more detailed and sharp on DT770's. In terms of detail and resolution...again, just a very slight advantage for T1's overall, but DT770's actually present detail more in your face, being a bit more bright...  The biggest surprise is soundstage and imaging....I did tests with some specific tracks that I know have some very deep stage and sounds coming from far away, and both headphones do the job equally well, sounds seem to be coming from the exact same direction, and approximately the same distance, and separation between sounds is extremely good on both. Both do a good job at projecting sounds in front of my head, and neither suffers from the dreaded "in your head" feeling, which is impressive for DT770's, and MUCH better than on the 80 ohm version. T1's sound a tiny bit more spacious and airy, but again DT770's are no slouch, easily beating most open-back headphones in this price segment when it comes to soundstage and imaging. Basically, DT770's sound way better than they should. I have no reason to bash T1's, and no reason to hype DT770's, in fact, as a long time owner of T1's, and them being my favorite headphones that I will probably never sell, it's hard to accept that closed back, much cheaper headphones sound 95% as good, at least with a let's say entry to mid level amplifier and DAC, but it is the case. With most music...including some jazz, acoustic and even classical sometimes (especially orchestral soundtracks), in a direct comparison, DT770's simply sound better.  More alive, more present, more like I'm there, whereas T1's sound a bit more distant and like they're lacking some bite and energy. Basically, DT770's sound a bit more vivid. The only issue between them is that they can be a bit sibilant and sharp with some recordings, whereas T1's don't have that problem. The bass on DT770's can also be a bit less tight on high volumes and can be a bit boomy compared to T1's bass, but at the same time, on normal listening volumes, it sounds more realistic. For example, Alice in chains- Unplugged MTV album from 1996 makes the whole drum set sound more like I'm at the stage than with T1's. I will do the comparison with my main setup when I get home, which is the Musical Fidelity M1 stack, and I know T1's sound a bit better out of that setup than out of my current one, but at the moment...damn...DT770's are incredibly good. So good they constantly make me feel like Beyer fcked something up when making them and put the wrong drivers inside...like....the T5p or T70 driver. :P  All in all, I'm extremely impressed by the DT770 250 ohm version, they totally surpassed all my expectations.

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Bought the DT 990 pros recently. I'm driving them with my phone( getting an amp/dac soon). They are quite loud out of my phone. Initially, they were quite warm, bassy(loose bass) and slow. Also, the highs were tamed by the loose bass. After 20 hours burn in, the bass has become tighter but the highs have become sharp and more noticable. While people complained about their dt 990's sounding shrill out of the box and then taming later. mine was opposite. Is this normal? 

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