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In that particular shop, however, the Pro costs the same as the 250 Ω Premium, and only 10 € cheaper than the 600 Ω one.

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I just bought the DT 880 Edition 600 ohm + the e9K/e17. I guess i just try it out.

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I just want to give my appraisal for the Beyedynamic DT990 Pro (250 Ohms).

I received my pair today (after more than one month lurking on the forums). I feel I owe my short opinion to the forums after so many useful information found here.


I'm listening to them right now and have less than 2hours...so no burn in.

I am extremely happy with them!!! At least the few songs I tried until now. It's exactly what I wanted. Open headphones with good bass. The overall build quality is top notch in my opinion. What impresses me the most on this pair of headphones is the soundstage. People always talk about heavy bass+treble....but what is the most obvious to me, is the great and detailed soundstage. I think they sound even better than my previous HD555 from this point of view. I know they don't have a flat frequency response, but indeed, they are really FUN headphones! I think you can listen to anything with them and it will be a pleasure. Until now I was impressed with the electronic music. Bass is great and if someone needs more, it can be EQed. Of course it's not as punchy like a closed pair (i compared them to AKG K518)...but they are open headphones and I am extremely pleased with this bass. For my tastes it's not over exaggerated. Neither the treble.


These cans obviously need more power and I had to raise the volume quite a lot, but my Audinst Mx1 does this job great!


A very happy buyer! Thanks a lot guys!

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so for the DT series, is the highest ohms always the best?

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If you had to consider a secondary pair of headphones for music that anything that the HD 598 does not excel in (especially bass-y music like dubstep or D&B), would you recommend any of them?

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Originally Posted by McNuggetsPie View Post

so for the DT series, is the highest ohms always the best?


It's the smoothest version for sure

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Guys i got a huge problem.


The dt 880 Sound is soooo low!


I plugged my E9k via usb to my pc and docked the e17. I set the e17 as my DAC. Now i switch behind the e9k to high gain and there is barely any sound. Ihave the knob turned to the far right till the end and it has no volume at all.


What did i do wrong?

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My assumption is that it uses only the e17 as a DAC/AMP. I guess thats why it the volume is so low. But how do i get it to use the e9k?

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Ok, Sry for third Postfrown.gif


I just found out to use the bypass on the e17....

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Originally Posted by stv014 View Post


The different clamping force is probably responsible for much of any difference in the sound, for example a stronger clamp can increase the amount of bass.

Other than the already mentioned differences, the Pro also has a coiled cord (which is of the same length fully extended, but in practice the usable length is much shorter), and the package does not include a carrying case.

Yea that "extra bass" from the additional clamp is why I'm going for the Pro 250, in addition 250 ohms cans love my Hifiman so I can kill two birds with one stone. Non the less I want a 600 ohm Dt 880 [but not a 600 ohm dt 990...]


one month till I can get my dt 990 pro 250 :D

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Originally Posted by punks15 View Post

It's the smoothest version for sure

At the same time with high impedance headphones you'll need a powerful amp..

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Originally Posted by McNuggetsPie View Post

so for the DT series, is the highest ohms always the best?


Depends on what you call 'best'.

I had the DT770 consumer editions 250 and 600 ohm. The latter was incredible dull and lifeless. And I had a OTL tube amp at the time to drive them.

The 250 ohm has better PRaT, and fuller sounding mids.

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Ist it true that the fiio e9k should be set to low gain instead of high gain? I read that High gain result in a worse sound.


I use the dt 880 600 ohm.

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Originally Posted by Bombaman View Post


I just looked at the Beyerdyamics site: http://europe.beyerdynamic.com/service/faqs/faq-for-headphones.html

There seem to be differences. Pro designed for Studio listening, Edition for easy home listening. The Edition also is likely t have a more transparent and open Sound.



I would take no notice of that description on Beyer's site as it makes little sense. It appears even Beyer don't understand the differences in their phones.


"The headband provides a long wearing comfort for hours, causing the DT 880 Edition to have a more transparent and open sound in comparison to the DT 880 PRO"


What do they mean here? Clamping pressure? Higher clamping pressure will probably increase bass and will bring the driver slightly closer to the ear, for better or worse,  but clamping pressure can be ameliorated by bending the headband slightly. Personally I prefer the higher pressure.


"The differences of both headphones are not huge in mechanical design, but only that small change causes a big difference in sound and application."


Why would that small change make a big difference leading to a more open and transparent sound? Does that mean that if all manufacturers decrease the clamping force of the phones they'll be more open and transparent? The fact is, the headphones are identical except for clamping pressure and cord (about which nothing is mentioned), so pick whichever version is cheaper if you don't mind a coiled cord (I prefer it). And take no notice whatsoever of Beyer's website.  

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pp312 is right. Those descriptions on Beyer's site are nothing more than sales copy describing the fact that they market the Pro versions to professionals and the Premium versions to home listeners. That doesn't mean you can't use the Premiums in a studio or the Pro at home. ;) The only differences are the appearance, the clamping force, and the coiled cable.

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