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The Best Gaming Headphones?! =) UNDER ~500 DOLLARS (incl source/amp(if necessary)) - Page 3

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Originally Posted by tisb0b View Post

I've heard of people claiming it but at the same time I've read that the difference is negligible. 


That and the fact that the AD900s are more than three times the price of the AD700. For that same price difference you can get a much better phone with greater performance increase.

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DT880. The best sounding is the 600 ohm DT880, which tbh runs nearly as well at the 250ohm ones but sound much better.

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Best headset I have heard: Beyer MMX300 and Astro mixamp.

I'll eventually get these cans after I replace my PC 350.

I have only tried a few headphone+ clip on mic combos. Although not bass heavy, I thought the HD 555 did fine.


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i am an FPS junkie, I use sennheiser hd555, no problems pinpointing people plodding about in other parts of the map.  I'd guess any phones would do this unless they are seriously no good?  For sure, i've never gone 'doh, if only my soundstaging was better i wouldn't have died'

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I know this topic is very old,...  But I'm thinking of buying an Astro 5.8 mix-amp, and I want an excellent pair of headphones to go with it


I'm thinking about Grado Rs2i or BeyerDynamic Dt990 600Ohm. I tired to look for the Stax Lambadas that everyone is talking about but couldn't find them

The system will be used for gaming and movies.


I currently own a Logitech 5.1 Z5500 system http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-THX-Certified-Digital-Surround-Speaker/dp/B0002WPSBC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1299559647&sr=8-1


And a pair of Pioneer SE-DIR800C headphones http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-SE-DIR800C-Headphones-Headphone-Technology/dp/B0007XL43M


And I'm not satisfied with any of those.

Will i see and improvement with the mix amp + any of those headphones?
Which headphone should i buy?
Which will give me best positional (3D) sound?

Thx in advance for the help

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Z5500 are poor quality speakers. Those headphones don't seem like they'd be too fantastic either. Grado's are definitely not headphones for gaming and/or movies. Limited amount of musical genres yes, but not gaming and watching movies. DT990 600ohm would be a great pick. The Astro amp isn't all that good, but do you plan on gaming on a console or computer?
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Both consoles and Pc

What would you recommend instead of the Astro 5.8? 

I know the headphones wont be great but i need headphones for night time gaming, and i don't want to loose surround sound so ill buy the best possible solution. 


I'm buying the Dt 990 then.

Still need advice on the amp, it has to have Dolby Headphone

What brand of speakers would you recommend? Please name as few as in my country there's not much variety


Thx for your advice Stang

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