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Help choosing a new mp3 player!? - Page 2

Poll Results: Which do you think id better?

  • 32% (9)
    Cowon S9
  • 3% (1)
    iAudio 9
  • 17% (5)
    Sony A84x
  • 3% (1)
    Sony S54x
  • 42% (12)
    Other (please write in comment)
28 Total Votes  
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For substantiality's sake, could you link to any graph/evidence that proves this? 

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This thread shows RMAA tests for the S:Flo 2 and the iPod touch 2G


This thread shows the RMAA test for the Sony A845 LO - scroll to the bottom


The final device in both chains is the very good iBasso T3. 

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Thanks! It's interesting, to say the least, that Sony fails to impress in those tests. Then again, these tests don't include the X-series. Strange thing is, I've compared a lot of DAPs with an open mind, no preference for any brand at all, and in blind tests I always ended up liking the sound of the X1050 the most. I think I own pretty much every brand out there (no iRiver though) and, if available, a LOD for that brand as well. So in the end, the one that has a less than perfect RMAA graph still gives me the most enjoyable listening experience. I wonder if I would, unintentionally, change my mind if I saw conclusive evidence about the X's line-out as well. :)

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I love the sound of Sony generally. Warm and thick - if not wonderfully detailed for strings, I love the signature. Because of that, I've owned about 7 Sony players (3 of which were MD players) and a couple of CD walkman's. The Line Out in the A828 is a lot better than the A845, but still not as good. Simply having a line out does not a good line out make. For line out, I want pretty much neutral sound as colouration -- an artefact of the headphone amp -- should have as little affect as possible. Again, I think the whole lot of portable headphone audio isn't aimed as straight as its home counterpart - the market as a whole doesn't really know anything but portable audio.


What I don't about Sony is the hiss, but otherwise, they are fine.

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u'll be very surprized if you listen to Sony e434\444. They are the coldest player i've heard

with A726 i felt clip & touch to be cold but the e434 makes clip & touch sound warmer.

& it shares the same amp from A726

It's really strange to find same amp pumping almost opposite sound sig.

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I'd have to say go with the Cowon player, more specifically the J3. I started off with an 8gb S9, quickly ran out of space and got the i9 for bigger capacity. Now, I have the J3 and it's wonderful, I loved my S9 and got along fine with it. I got the J3 for one thing only, expandability.

What I didn't know I was getting was a streamline UI compared to the S9's and maybe its just me, but it seems to handle the sound a tad bit better, or maybe I've just gotten better with the EQ settings lol.


Anyways, not sure about the other Sony players, but, I have no qualms with the J3 specially with a nice little amp to seal the package.

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Cowon J3.  I haven't bumped into a better music player yet.

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What about the S:flo2?

I like it well enough.

It has some bugs and the UI is slightly sketchy, but it sounds good, to me anyways.

Also, Batch 4 is coming out soon, you can pre-order now, and you (hopefully) won't have to wait forever.

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Can someone that's heard the S:Flo2 and the Cowon S9 compare the sound signature briefly plz.





Edit:  oops I bumped a thread, anyway nice to see sony praise in here. ^^

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I need advise.

I just got my first computer and now want a I pod.

Is classic better than i pod touch since it has hard drive not flash?

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I think the durability of flash may be better than hard drives, however the hard drives are higher capacity for lower cost.

I'd still go flash everytime.

Thats just my opinion.

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Will flash memory sound as good as hard drive.

Does one i pod have better dac than the other 

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Can someone that's heard the S:Flo2 and the Cowon S9 compare the sound signature briefly plz.


I haven't personally herd both, but from what I've read, people generally prefer the S:flo, though the Cowon S9 has more EQ options?

ClieOS and a few others have made reviews/impression threads.

This One ->  http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/461156/s-flo2-impressions-thread  I quite like.

Apparently the sound out of an S:flo is classified as 'transparent' dynamic, clean and clear.

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