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In ear advice

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Hi guys new to the forum so please be gentle as I'm noob and know very little hence me looking for advice. I am looking for a in ear type to use with my iPhone/iPod ideally I would like one with a mic but it's not essential.I'm a bit older now and would prefer crystal clarity over I would like to spend Arnd 30 pounds so I'm not sure if this will get me. What I'm looking what would you suggest in that price range.I would be open to suggestions to go higher in price but do I need to do that in order to get the clarity/wow factor that I'm after again suggestions would be welcome. Uk based so I would like to buy from Uk. Many thanks in advance
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With a mic for iphone I had an opportunity to audition  Radius Talk and Remote radheadphones at local headphone shop in USA.


This are for sale on ebay only as far as I can find.


In this price range  I never heard anything so bloody good before.  This are also apple certified product so it probably is available at apple shops in UK or check shops such as

They carry lots of low end cheap earphones.


Product info link


Hope this helps

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it no longer seems to be available but the UE Super Fi 5 was going super cheap, so could be some floating around ebay. 


otherwise the M9P is pretty reasonable, maybe more bass than you want though

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