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Problems with Ultrasone 900s - (Upgrading from DT770s)

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Hi All,

My first post, so go easy on me! :)

I upgraded from DT770s to the Ultrasone 900s recently, I use a macbook pro running ableton live with an Apogee Duet.  I most make music where bass features as a main instrument, or is certainly important.


Here's an example - http://soundcloud.com/benjaminburling/briefs-05e


I have tested my ultrasone 900s now for about a month.. although the spacial quality and top end are really terrific the bass leaves a lot to be desired.  And, thats a massive problem, overall the sound is hollow, I find. 


I've screwed them in tightly. :)   -  still a problem Im afraid.


Also, another gripe.. what is with the fit?  My DT770s fit like a glove and cut out loads of sound, my ultrasone 900s are not tight and almost feel like theres a gap in the lower portion of the cup (is that the word?)


I find myself constantly shifting them.


If I press them tighter to my head I have to say the sound improves, but thats using both my hands.



I really hate to moan but I wanted to love these head phones and so far the only improvement is in the high end and the cost of the bass and fit.


Please offer me advice because im thinking of sending them back in case I have a faulty pair.


Thanks all!





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Improper fit can mess with the sound. For a better fit, you could try extending the cups and adding something under the headband. Rolled up kitchen drawer liner works well. See a pic of my DBI Pro700 headphones = http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/510694/fs-dbi-pro700-headphones-45-shipped-usa-conus


Another thing you can try is to run your finger underneath the earpads, and kind of stretch them a little up and away from the drivers. 

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not really what i want to do for headphones this expensive, but thanks for the advice.

can anyone else offer an opinion to this question..


should the bass in the DT770s sound bigger and better than ultrasone 900s?

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Which DT 770 do you have?

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hi - the 80 ohm - which is easier to drive isnt it?

I've just checked my ultrasone 900s and apparently they're 40 ohm? how does that work, everyone has told me i'll need to drive these harder.. thats why i bought an apogee duet for my macbook pro.


have i balls this purchase up totally! ?  :)


i have a macbook pro running ableton live with apogee duet to make dance music... help!

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I have the Pro 750, but some similar things probably apply.


First, do a search on the Kees mod.  It's a completely reversible change that you can make, and it did for the Pro 750 exactly what you want to change in the sound of the 900.  Just make sure you put an extremely thin layer of cotton in there, or you'll get the opposite effect.


Just because the Ultrasones are low impedance doesn't mean they are easy to drive.  That said, the Duet should have enough to get enough bass from them.

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