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Whoa, nice rack!! What kind is that? Can all those shelves be repositioned for DVDs?
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aphex944, I assume you mean the CD rack. I really don't remember the brand (had it for a couple of years), but I will see if I can find out. Yes, the shelves are completely adjustable and will support DVDs and CDs on the same rack if you so desire.

The equipment rack is a Michael Green Room Tunes 4 shelf rack. All of the shelves on it are also adjustable.

I can get some closer pics if you would like.
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Hmmmm.... Dunlavys. Are those SC-4s?
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SC-4s they are.
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Ok, here's my modest system. Hope you guys like it.

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Wow, thats a damn nice system meech! Very elegant looking, I like!
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pretty setup meech! i like that lil ferrari modena 360 model there...i think i have the same exact one (souveneir from my trip to italy)
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Im glad to see you were able to post the pics Meech. Quite an impressive setup you have there. Excuse my ignorance, but what type of tube amps are those?
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Thanks for the compliments guys.

The amps and pre-amp are made by DARED. They are 7 wpc 300B monoblocks that share a power supply. I really like them.
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If I ever get my pictures developed and scanned, you guys will see my model BMW M1 racecar, it's awesome. Anyway, when I first looked at meech's system, I was like Dynaudio!...haha, those Dynaudio labels are identifiable from a million miles away.
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I look forward to seeing your BMW.

By the way, the speakers are Coincidents not Dynaudio.

Take care.
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I'm pretty new to the site and mostly lurk. The pics below are why my wallet won't let me get a new pair of HD-650's.

Gear list:

Stereo -
Philips SACD 1000
Music Hall MMF-5 w/Grado Platinum
Hagerman Cornet phono stage w/Jensen step up's
Transcendent Grounded Grid preamp
Odyssey Audio Extreme monoblocks.
Vandersteen 3A signature
2 Vandersteen 2WQ subs
BPT BP2.5 Ultra, BPT BP-4 Ultra balance power supplies (not in pictures)
DIY wires, all the electronics have been modified.

Home Theater -
Pioneer DV-37 DVD
Denon AVP-8000 DTS Pre/Pro
XCANs V2/X-PSU, Senn HD-580
HD Cable box
BPT BP2.5 Ultra (balanced power)
Outlaw 750 amp
Sony VPWV10-HT LCD Projector
Da-Lite Da-Matte screen, 108"
Vandersteen 2Ci mains, Monitor Audio center and surrounds
HSU VTF-2 Sub, Vandersteen 2W sub under center channel
More DIY cables

Mike G.
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I want Mike's theater for Christmas
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I use computer systems because of the convenience and features. I won't really bother taking pics of those since they're ugly anyway but here's the heart of my madness. I have the big file server in another room.

With the following 2 convertors which I use as selectors, I am able to listen to music, watch movies and play video games with sweet sound on my systems. I like an all in one system since I edit audio and video also.

Magnepan MMG:

NEC CDROM baby! Gotta love the mini size:

VCR which I use as TV tuner. My Sanyo projector and wireless audio transmitter to my JBL speakers.

This is the projected image. I'm not sure the size but I like it. The blue screen on the lower right is a 22" LCD. The black rectangle here is the MMG speaker. I had to stand back enough to get the whole image in. No it's not really covering the image.

Uh as for the actual rest of the stuff, it's hidden under my desk. I don't like to see it.
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Here's my stuff. Posted in another thread...there are many many "pictures of your rig" threads, but I like them all.

The contents are from top to bottom: Music Hall MMF9 turntable,
Conrad Johnson CAV-50 SET 22wpc mullards/siemens/rca tubes.
Cary 306/200 cdp
Conrad Johnson EV-1 phono stage
Melos Maestrobator
PS Audio P300
B&W 805s. Grado HP-2s
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