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Wow, you got tired of your diy's fast! I'm not parting with my babies any time soon
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Originally Posted by ooheadsoo
Wow, you got tired of your diy's fast! I'm not parting with my babies any time soon
I didn't get tired of them, I just wanted something different ... well, they were cheap, so I couldn't resist!

Anyway, I'm still getting used to them, they have no midrange compared to mine...maybe I'll do a hybrid between them.
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Originally Posted by D-EJ915
I just got some JBL Northridge E30 speakers today ($150 at CompUSA on clearance)...

Wow! Nice!! Bi-wire those JBL's yet?
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Never-ending tale, part 961.

Rhythm satellites are still a little close to rear wall. Working on that.


Though the subwoofers are about a meter from the satellites, the DCX2496 crossover handles the phase mismatches beautifully.

The Studio Tech 48 is a nice unit.

Holds both rack-mount gear, such as the DCX, DEQ2496 etc and commercial gear such as the six Outlaw M200s used in this tri-amp configuration.

Now, the real job begins... Room Treatment.
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Jaw dropping decor! Are you responsible for that or is there a missus?

Did you ever get around to doing that setup you wanted with the fully digital xover network? Or is this it?
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Hi ooheadsoo -

This is the system with the digital 2x3 (2x MTM + sub) crossover. It is not completely tweaked in yet - I need a free weekend to re-run my MLS measurements and adjust the EQ filters.

Thanks for the complement on the decor. The reason that it looks is nice as it does is that I had no say whatsoever in its design - 100% wife. However, I did modify, stain and mount the fireplace mantle.

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My setup in the other room of my small appartment - it's kind of pathetic that such a small apartment has this setup...

Sanyo projector (forget the model number, but the price was around 1400
- 109 inches 16:9

Pioneer D514 Receiver
Logitech Z-560 speakers
Polk Sub (works great in small rooms like this, terribly in big rooms - so I took it )

Here is a picture of my screen demonstrating Meatwad

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wow some of you have some nice looking setups for sure!
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here is my messy setup, still needs a lot of work, but it will get there.

edit, i'm dumb, didnt even provide a link, lol: http://slickssite.com/HT/
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Uhg...a Hilary Duff movie...
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This is my rig:

From left to right, top to bottom.

NEC P1150 monitor, this I use as my TV. My brother is currently watching TBS on it.
Below it is my Motorala T7100 GMRS radio, along with various small parts, including a really nice AR 3.5mm>RCA cable I picked up for $3, and a surge protector for battery chargers and my NEC cd-rom.
Below it is my APC UPS.

Next column is my drop from the ceiling. There are two CAT5 drops running from the second floor where there are two more PCs and the modem and router. I have 4 outlets connected to their own 20 amp breaker. Taped to it is a DLink 5 port switch that connects the 3 PCs I have there.
Below it is a Mirage speaker from Curbside Vintage Audio Botique. On top of the Mirage are 3 remotes.

Next column is where all the goodies are. My PC is on the top. It's in a somewhat weird orientation, but it gives me easy access to the front and the back. On top is an Antec LED stick I won at a forum, it's glowy and green and I will probably mount it above my stereo. From the Audigy LiveDrive is a Python digital cable (Another of todays bargain cables, this one was $3) to a NEC 3xp purchased from Irondreamer. In front are my new SR-60s. At first I had problems with them getting dust on the pads, so I put a mousepad under it and no more dust.
Below that the audio fun starts.
At the top is the product of all my Bestbuy giftcards, a viewsonic NV4 video processor. That thing is awesome. It's picture is better than any other TV in my house, the only problem was a little audio distortion but it could be anything, comcast, my coax, the nv4, the interconnects, the stereo, the wires, the speakers. Even then, it is hardly noticeable.
Below it is a Samsung dvdp, also hooked up to NV4.
Below that is my Bradford IC FET, driving the SR-60s. Also from Curbside Vintage Audio Botique.
Below that is a beefy Kenwood reciever that was $20 at a yard sale. It weighs a lot, and powers the Mirage speakers nicely. They used to be plugged into the Bradford, but it couldn't drive them too loudly because they are not very efficent.
Next row is my Compaq 21" monitor, an old IBM keyboard which is awesome, they don't make keyboards as good as they used to, and my MS Intellimouse.

Edit: I forgot to link to the picture.

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