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Crappy picture but I'm no photographer....

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I re-arranged my room. Things are a whole lot more symmetrical. I added a bunch of half-assed bass traps and tweaks galore. You can see in the upper corners I have eight nerve corners installed. Somehow, I can't figure out if they do anything at all. That one is very iffy. Fiberglass panels front and center behind my speakers. There's a third panel that straddles the rear left corner of my room and acts as a pseudo bass trap there, just barely. I have a stack of cut of rigid fiberglass in the front right corner which is a pseudo 1/3 height bass trap. I have another bag of regular fiberglass stuffed into the rear right corner to form another 1/3 height bass trap. One day, I'll complete the stacks and get them to full height, full strength My bed, sheets, comforter etc are in the front left corner so hopefully that will provide just a tad of bass absorbing affect as well

I have some assymtrical parts of my room that aren't shown but part of one is stuffed with clothes. I have a window on the left wall that is covered with very light drapes. There is a mirror to the far right.

The interesting thing is that since I moved everything into this configuration, my slap echo and reverb that I usually get from the clap test are all but gone. My speakers are very close to symmetrical width-wise, off by a few inches, but my room isn't 100% symmetrical in the first place, so I'm not all that concerned. Rear of the speakers are now about 2 feet from the rear wall. I'm still not getting that 40ft deep soundstage that some people say they get

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Very nice room treatment, I wish I can do that someday.
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It's not that expensive if you do it all DIY Buy it retail and the panels will be more effective, look better, perform better, but will cost you like $250 each
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damn ooheadsoo... that's pretty impressive. i like.
I'm still not getting that 40ft deep soundstage that some people say they get
actually.... i think adding treatments reduces this so called soundstage. treatments take away reverberations and distortions............ but that is also what gives 3d information. you're trading accuracy for pleasure. you can try replacing some of the absorbers with diffusers, and that might add a little depth to the sound, and keep it from sounding too dry. add some diffusers in the back and on the ceiling too if you can.
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I think the idea is for the listener to hear the reverb information etc contained within the signal coming directly from the speaker, not after it's been bounced around the room a few times. It could be worth a shot though. On the other hand, I've got book shelves and messy rows and stacks of books and cds that count as semi diffusors I'll try to treat the ceiling first reflection point soon but I've gotta figure out how to mount something up there safely. I also have several cellos, violas, and violins scattered about the room right now. Think they might act as hemholtz resonators? J/k.

I added two bags of fiberglass to my room today. Will probably add a few more over the coming 6 mo. or so. I've got to find a way to make them discreet though.
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my rig

here it is. the speakers are FAB Audio Model Ones and people at the meet will hear them. I sold off my Teac VRDS-25x because I concluded sources are either all the same or close enough that I don't care. My amp is the ASL 1003DT, heavily modded and my new toy is there in its box, the Behringer EQ, which lets me have my system agressive, mellow, wide, focused...

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Let's see it, tomek
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Originally Posted by tomek
They don't show up for us...
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is that better?

damn it's hard to find webspace to host a picture that will allow it to be linked.
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you gotta love it when you have profiles like
Grade 3 teacher"


My big blue bong"

together..... lol

i'm gonna guess by the size of the TV that Tomek is a girl, because guys are usually way more visual than that
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I think that's tomek's gf in the picture

Hey tomek, what's that beige slab on your front wall made of?

Very nice decor and speakers Very minimalist, very modern, with a touch of retro art deco with the blocky speaker cabs. Great!
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hey gang, thanks for the compliments.

that slab isn't really a slab, it's a 100inch screen i made for my LCD projector using Dazian fabric. that should also silence the idea that i'm a girl.

i don't watch cable programming often so I don't mind a small tv, but I do like a massive picture and sound for movies. i don't need dr phil's head to be the size of a beach ball.
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I just got some JBL Northridge E30 speakers today ($150 at CompUSA on clearance)...

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