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SOLD: Sennheiser HD650 (Aus)

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Hey all,


I'm thinking about letting go of my Senn HD650, which is a great headphone but I just haven't been using it enough in the last few months. My ESW9 gets most headtime and my MS-Pro is pretty much glued to my amp, so the 650s are taking up some unnecessary room in my well, room. They don't come with the original box, I bought them off a Head-Fier back in June as I have them now - Just the headphones and the cable + 1/8" adapter. Good condition, there are a few superficial scratches but nothing noticeable. Just an interest check right now.


UPDATE: Phone camera photos!




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Bump for good price~~~

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PM sent.

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Been very busy lately with uni, will endeavour to post pictures soon and reply to PMs as quickly as I can! 

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I'm interested and also in Oz. Where abouts are you?

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Posting here for interest.
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just a good price. bump

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I'm interested if you'll do shipping.

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im interested if you live in sydney

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About to post pics, sorry again everyone for the delay in response! End of term uni is a pain :(

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Noooo I didn't even see this go up for sale.

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