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[easy mod] a shiny red PX100

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Well we all know what the Sennheiser PX100 looks like...



I tentatively had it up on the forums for trade until I decided that it would make a good birthday gift for the gf. She's always teased me that they never make red headphones, so therefore...




This was the easy part. Just some paint and a steady hand.



Next up was masking off the foam because I couldn't figure out if the cups could come off (I think they're glued down). I cut pieces of paper just slightly larger than the openings and pushed them in with a tweezer. I made sure to leave a bit of space or add a wrinkle so I'd be able to pull them out later.




Gotta mask the outer edge too.




And now for some more paint and a slightly less steady hand.



The finished product.



I used some red acrylic paint that I got from the dollar store. In retrospect, this was a really bad choice. I should have used modeling paint (which is enamel I think?). The acrylic was all splotchy and uneven, even after two coats, and had a very rough feel to it that would scratch off easily. My solution to this was to coat it with clear nail polish. Why nail polish? Because I didn't want to head back out to the store and buy a whole bottle of varnish for such a small project.


So anyhow, three coats of nail polish later (with at least a day or two to properly dry between coats) and it actually turned out really well. It smoothed out the splotchy colour and made it all smooth and shiny. I unfortunately goofed on a couple spots and you can see red on the foam. Amusingly, it's the same red splotch on both sides, so at least I'm consistent.


Project time: about a week. Actual work time (painting and paper cutting): maybe 3 hours.


The only downside is that now I won't have a PX100 anymore. Hmm, maybe I should get the 100ii...

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can't see anything

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Argh, let's see if I can get my pictures to work...

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Two edits later, I think it's working.

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Looks pretty awesome in red. Nice!

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They look pretty good...but let me guess, she'll want them "just a little bit darker...honey" lol

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I briefly considered using her own nail polish. Then for sure it'd be a colour she'd like and it would match. On the other hand, she might be mad at me for using up all her nail polish...

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Awesome.. I want a pair of blue px100's myself!

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I'm sure one bottle of blue nail polish would suffice

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I heartily approve of this mod.


Seconding the Demand for a Blue PX100

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Well if someone would be so kind as to send me another one, I'll gladly make one and post pics

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very nice


anyone want them in a "barney edition"? seems to be very popular lately :S

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Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post

very nice


anyone want them in a "barney edition"? seems to be very popular lately :S

I wonder what's next, care bears? Smurfs? I just hope there won't be a teletubby edition.

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It looks interesting, i will definitely try with my headphones. 

Let me guess, is this a goku super saiyan 4 edition? rolleyes.gif

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