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This thread is pretty quiet,

sorry haven't herd the Valhalla

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Hello, MK IV SE owners


Does anybody know whether the jumpers are attached to 2 and 3 pins (beside driving tube plates) 

by the default or should they be removed, if installed, in newly purchased LD mk IV-SE?



Many thanks for the answers


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  1. The default setting for new MK IV SE  is jumper set  covering pins 1 and 2      (same as unjumpered)  for stock M8100/CV4010  tubes. Look at this site and at the bottom the link to the latest reference guide for your amp.



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Yeah, thanks.

I know that now. But I was suspicious because those pictures are with no jumpers on pins.


In my unit pin 1 and 2 are covered with jumpers (not 2 and 3 as I thought).

What makes it a default whatsoever.




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How has shipping worked? any difference ebay vs. direct order? Any issues with customs or duty?



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Does the MK IV have ground loop problems like the MKIII and MKII?

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Originally Posted by Trist View Post

Does the MK IV have ground loop problems like the MKIII and MKII?

I haven't had any issues with the IV SE whatsoever. 

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Would this amp be any good with a 40ohm headphone like the Ultrasone PRO2900? I've been looking but I havn't been able to find any reviews.

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Tough to say, I haven't used a can with such low impedance, its a very good amp for high impedance cans, that's for sure.

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I'm thinking of getting an MK IV SE with an Audio-GD NFB-5 DAC, anyone had any experience with it? I See most of you have the LD DAC, does anyone have any objections to using another DAC?


I'm planning on getting a pair of Beyerdynamic T70's to go with it as well (250 ohm).

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Well I just bought the MKIV from David via his eBay store. Really excited now and can't wait for it to arrive.

I currently have a Fiio E7/E9 setup using Fischer Audio FA-003 headphones. As my budget is limited I also got a Fiio L7 so that I could use my E7 with the USB out from my laptop. Hoping everything sounds ok. I really don't have a clue about tubes.

What is the typical life of a tube?
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So i have just taken the plunge into Audiofileism! My first real set up is on its way which consists of Little Dot mk iv se, Little Dot DAC-1, Sennheiser Hd650's and a full compliment of Audioquest cables. Got my PC set up with 320k music through Foobar2000 using asio4all and will be using my SPDIF port when the new system turns up. Only downer is my new lappy that i have all this set up on is playing up and getting sent back first thing Monday for an unknown time period. All my great gear is going to turn up and ill have no source to use it from. But dam im excited!!!

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Yo guys I've had my LD amp for about half a year now and for a while I have felt that it was a little bit muddy with my HD650, but now it's all changed. 


I just got my 6ZH1P-EV and replaced the stock jan 5654's and all I can say is freaken WOW. The changes are amazing even when not burned in at all. The clarity is amazing, gone are the muddies from the mids. The bass is more tamed now and not as loose as it was before. the highs are crisp and less sibliant as before. soundstage is wider but still shallow given the nature of the HD650's. The vocals are less forward then before and sounds quite good.  overall a massive improvement from the stock tubes and this is the impression i get from listening to it for 10 mins. i can't wait when i get about 30+ hours of use on them.


Just wanted to share this. I recommend people to give these a try. I think it might be the most worthwhile 24bucks i've ever spent on audio equiment. 

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Excellent! I will give those tubes a try. I'm still waiting for my HD650's ATM but have the L.D. system set up. Am currently using my Audio-technica ATH-AD700's. I'm crawling out of my skin to listen to this system with the HD650's. Ive also started compiling a FLAC library. Not the biggest FLAC collection ATM but getting there. Audio = <3


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Just got the 6zh1p-ev driver tubes and they have been in for about 1.5 songs and sound great! Massive improvement! now to leave them burn in for a bit!

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