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so i finally received my MKIV today and its broken looks like the faceplate has been forcefully removed the volume pot has been broken off

from the PCB the led is broken, theres a screw missing, the threads that the faceplate screws insert into are all mangled and the rear

plate is a little loose but seemingly undamaged...


I'm just so disappointed its not even close funny! i just sent a mail to David so i guess i'll have to wait and see what he says. anyway

here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :(


This is how it looked when i unpacked it






sigh continued


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Oh no, that's terrible psone. How gutting it must have been to discover that upon opening frown.gif


I imagine that could only have been caused by very poor shipping handling.


I'm sure David will sort everything out for you, but I know that doesn't help ease the shock or the fact you're going to have a longer wait before you get to enjoy your amp.


Incidentally, I did notice the back panels of my replacement amp where a little scuffed. I think Little Dot's packaging is pretty good, but they only use a 'skeleton foam frame'; a solid foam casing may protect better against severe shocks.


I hope you get the issue sorted out quickly - let us know how you get on.

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Sorry to hear the bad news psone. Looking at the second photo and I'm thinking-mine got scratches too when I got it, I guess that's how they make em, a bit nonperfect.

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gutted is not the word!


at first i thought it had been searched by customs and that they'd just hacked at it to open it up

but after inspecting the packaging more closely it doesn't appear to have been tampered with at all.


Poor shipping handling may indeed have been the cause. Initially i was told that DHL were the carrier

but this then changed to EMS. anyway i'll let you know how i get on.

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quick question jr41, just wondering what method you used when you were returning your amp? did you ship it registered mail or via a carrier like ups/dhl? 

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I shipped mine back via Royal Mail (Parcel Force). It was pretty expensive (around £60-80 if I recall correctly), but luckily Little Dot paid - as they should do in your case too.

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fingers crossed! thanks for the info.
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Hi all - I'm considering purchasing a Little Dot Mk IV, in large measure based on the great things said here.  I'm a tad confused about where to purchase though -- there's a seller called "audiophilechina.com" on ebay, and also david zhezhe.  Sounds like the latter is the preferred source from folks here, but I'm a tad concerned because the info @ ebay, and on the audiophilechina site is pretty limited.


Also wondering how the LD MkIV compares to the DarkVoice336SE - also available through audiophilechina.com


Thanks for your input.

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hi Ctwombly, i know david sells through ebay under the seller name davidzhezhe its probably the most straight forward way to order, not too sure about

audiophilechina though, its the first i've heard of it. Alternatively you can organise a sale through david directly just drop him an email at little.tube@gmail.com

he's incredibly helpful, quick to reply and more than happy to answer any questions you may have :)


if you do decide to purchase the MKIV in the end be sure to keep us posted!

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Thanks for the quick response and helpful info -- will let you know what I do :)

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@ ctwombly


it's also cheaper if you order directly from David via his gmail.




ouch!! thats a terrible scene. can't imagine what i must have felt like when you opened the box. and are you sure customs didn't just rip it apart cause i don't think shipping can cause that kinda damage with LD's packaging.

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Thanks for the tip dadong -- much appreciated.

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Hi all,


I finally received my MKIV. Looks much much better than its pics on little dot website.


Though , on preliminary inspection, I found there is an issue with volume control. It gets stuck at around 50. If lot of pressure is applied, it goes past 50 and then its smooth till 100.

I have not yet switched the unit. Do I need to open it once, to see that there are no shipping related damages, before I switch it on ?


Have sent an email to David too for the volume control.






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Received my MKIV a few weeks ago along with a Musiland Monitor 02...I'm very pleased =).


My hd650s have never sounded better! Quick question though, If I want to get into tube rolling, does the mkIV use the same tubes as the mkIII, and if not is there a thread for MKIV tube rolling?

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I'm sorry to hear about the issue with the volume pot. I would wait for David's advice rather than opening up the amp - I suspect the problem is likely to be internal to the pot so opening up the amp probably won't reveal anything.



Any luck RE getting a replacement unit for your damaged one?


It's terrible I know, but I still don't have 200hrs on my amp - I've been distracted by my new studio monitors evil_smiley.gif


I need to get it burnt in so I can post some proper impressions. Now the light's better I should be able to take some good photos soon also.

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