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Good point....the high capacity batteries last forever...almost...between charges. I go for days on a single 6 to 8 hr charge!

Happy Listening,

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I contacted Neco about the imbalance in my v2 once and he said it was (like someone above here said) due to the construction of the pots. I was invited to send it over to him so he could fix it for me. Without cost I think. Which again shows the superb customer care. But I didn't want to part with my v2 even for a week or two so I decided to take this minor issue for granted.

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I've just bought the singing & dancing version of the V3... fantastic build quality... out of the box I'm impressed but I'm leaving it to burn-in for the recommended 100hrs over a week or so... I'll be back.

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hey ok-guy, how is your V3 doing ^_^ its quite tempting and its in the UK as well... waiting for your impressions!

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Hi Angelsblood and OK-Guy

Your girl looks tempting but it's the V3 I'd prefer. Now Nico's got the V3s and I'm tempted to pull trigger and get one sent to me here in NZ.

OK what are your portable cans used with V3. I have HD420 (old 600ohmers) and 650...currently with LD 1+ and seeking stable luscious portable. Please update us.   cheers, alejandro

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NECO AMP Tower bigsmile_face.gif



  1. upper :Portable V3s opamp rolled to OPA827
  2. uppermiddle : Portable V2 opamp rolled to LT1028ACN , Battey AccuPower300
  3. middle : Portable V3 opamp rolled to LT1028ACN , Battery iPowerUA
  4. lowermiddle : BOSSFET V2.1 opamp rolled to LT1028ACN
  5. lower : BOSSFET V3 opamp rolled to LT1028ACN
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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

Since your location should be Japan and you own so many models, I would like to ask some questions regarding the DC power jack.

For BOSSFET V3 desktop amp, which Oyaide DC power connector will fit the jack properly?



5.5mm X 2.1mm (Oyaide DC-2.1G)
5.5mm X 2.5mm (Oyaide DC-2.5G)

My plan is building my own tower with 2 linear power supplies. That means I will ask someone to make a pair of DC power cables for both connections




Both DC power cables should look like these guys


DC-2.5G may be suitable for BOSSFET V3  power input.

But BOSSFET needs AC18V input , not DC.

Taobao's power supply has only DC output.

Please seach 18AC adaptor.

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Is the V3s as good as the V3?


V4 will be announced next week: 


"Thanks! V4 is superior in technical measurements, sound and will handle higher impedance headphones better. Key points: 20volts, 100% dual-mono, 6.35mm output jack,...I am doing final testing. I hope to put it on FB by next weekend. Please check later. Have a good weekend." 


If anyone has a V3 they want to sell let me know!

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V4 pictures posted by Neco on his FB page! 






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Looks terrific.. I don't need a(nother) portable amp.. but I am so tempted to get the V4.. cause I simply loved the V3..

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Any word on pricing?
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Originally Posted by amcananey View Post

Any word on pricing?

Pretty sure it was 140 pounds, but couldn't find where I read that...

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