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Best IEMs $25-$50

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So looking around head-fi I've put together this small list of IEMs between $25-$50:


Head Direct RE2
MEElectronics M9
Brainwavz M2
Soundmagic Pl30
Maximo iM-490S
NuForce NE-6


My budget is pretty tight so I can't go much over $50. Which of these headphones would have the best sound quality, also keeping build quality in mind as well?  Or is there is a better choice not on my list?

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There's a couple of really good earphones missing - off the top of my head the Brainwavz M1, ViSang R02, Meelec M6, Thinksound TS01, Maximo iM-590, ECCI PR300, and JVC HA-FXC80 can compete with the better earphones on that list.

My pick would be the Brainwavz M2 or ViSang R02 but they are all very competent and sound signature preferences play a big role.

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All things technical aside, those Thinksounds are the most beautiful IEMs I've ever seen.  Only $40 on Amazon too. I'm going to look up some reviews for them and if most others think they sound at least decent, I'm going to go with those. Thanks a lot, ljokerl. :D

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you can get a used pair of er6i for less than $50...

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Best IEM in that range I've heard are the PL30's, I love em. Soo very comfortable, well built and durable, very wide soundstage. Warmish and slightly soft sounding but nicely detailed too, bass is just about right for me, midrange is lush, treble is slightly rounded but with sparkle when needed. Completely non-fatiguing , sometimes I wonder if I actually need anything else.

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I have the Brainwavz M1's, M2's, and the MEElectronics M6, all very good, imho. Like ljokerl said, all in what sound you're looking for.

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These may be very slightly above your budget, but I'd recommend the Sennheiser: CX 400-II Precision headphones. They sound very good for the price.

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I put my vote in for Refurbed IE6.

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Originally Posted by KimChee View Post

I put my vote in for Refurbed IE6.

Are you serious? Refurbished Sennheiser IE 6's for $50 or less? You've gotta be shittin' me!

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Second-hand Fischer Audio Eterna (fun and bassy), Hippo VB (fun and bassy, slightly more balanced than Eterna) or Head Direct RE0 (light on the bass but wonderful treble)? More bang for your buck if you ask me. Can be had for $50 if you look around. 


I you want new my vote goes to the Soundmagic PL50 ($55)and Brainwavz M2 ($50 if you hurry before the sale ends at  

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