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Beats Solo vs Beats Solo HD

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I know that for a lot of people here, the Monster Beats draw a fair amount of criticisms, but I really like them and was thinking of getting one. I thought about Beats Studio, but it's too large and too pricey. So I came down to Beats Solo and Solo HD. The price difference is about 40 bucks on amazon and I wasn't sure if Solo HD was worth the extra 40 bucks. What's the difference between the two headphones?

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have you listened to the solo yet? I'm not into either the studio or solo, but I think the studio is better after listening to both. i certainly cannot recommend the  beats solo period

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Honestly, I have no idea if there is an actual audio difference between the two. But the construction on the HD is alot more solid and durable.after hearing about the construction problems on the solos, monster decided to do some tweaks to it. The hinges and the headband and the  right ear cup are much better.  Sound Wise? Bearly a difference.

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The obvious and most significant difference between the Solos and the Solo HDs is that the HDs have a little HD painted on the sides beside the Solo typography. biggrin.gif

Seriously, though, I have the Solos and gave my pop the HDs for Christmas and I don't notice any difference. Except that he uses his pair and I just leave mine in my closet.
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My apologies for reviving an old thread, but a search suggested this as the most apt place for discussion.


Does anyone have any more sonic impressions comparing the HD and non-HD Solos?  I've only heard the non and they were, bar none, the most muddled sounding 'phone I've ever put on my noggin'.  A coworker informed me today that he had purchased an HD and they exhibited improvement.


Inquiring exclusively out of curiosity...

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