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I am currently looking for some new over-ear headphones in the <100$ range. I am a huge fan of the Sony mdr-ex71's sound signature.. I'm a huge fan of how pronounced the drums are, and I love how much bass they have.

I'm no audiophile, but I have a specific sound I'm looking for. Just for reference, I've tried the Bose triports, but they don't have enough bass for me, and just too much treble.. It might sound crazy but I actually prefer listening to my mdr's as opposed to the triports. The closest I've come to finding a headphone that beats the mdr's are the sennheiser hd202's. This being said, is there a headphone out there with just as much bass as those, just better quality? The harder the bass hits the better. Noise canceling and portability would be a plus, but it's not very important to me.

Any help would be awesome! I realize I'm a total noob for even mentioning such "mediocre" headphones such as the mdr's and triports to all you audiophiles, but I know which sound sig I'm looking for and it'd be great to find the perfect headphone.