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Help with re-wiring the AD-700

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I just got the AD-700 and already want to do a re-wire on them.  The driver wiring is confusing.  There is a white wire all alone, a red and blue wire and the right driver connected to that.  Anyone know how to re-wire these headphones or know what the wiring scheme is at all?

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Find a wiring diagram for a standard 3.5mm jack and then use a multimeter to check continuity.  It should give you the information you need.  

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i know how to wire the jack, just dont have a multimeter or know how to use one.  someone here has to have info on which channel goes where.

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I think if you use mogami 2534 and a NP3X-B Neutrik connector you can just solder one blue cable to one of the pins (Neutrik pin) and one to the other. 


Then combine the two negative wires (clear wires) and solder them to the ground.


That way you don't need a multi-meter. 


This probably doesn't make any sense but anyway....


You can get everything at Redco.com

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it makes sense to a point.  i just dont understand how the wires are soldered onto the ad700's.  on my hd555, each driver had a signal ground.  on these, it all goes onto the left driver somehow and i understand that to a point.  just dont understand why one side is soldered to the same signal as the driver and ground.  if youve seen a picture you will know what i mean.  the white wire is where i got lost.  its all alone and goes from the left driver to the plug.  could the white wire just be a signal wire that goes from the driver to the plug?  then the others would make sense as being a ground/signal.  but id like to do a dual entry if i could on these not just a single entry.  that is where i get lost.

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here is the right driver:



and the left driver:

ad700 wiring.jpg

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as you can see i just made up the picture and guessed what went where.  there is a red going to a red, a brown and blue going together, and then a white.  this all goes into the plug.  i would take the plug apart, but its got hard plastic out around and i have no idea how to get that off.  someone has to know how to dual wire these phones.

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Don't worry the way the stock cords go in. 


The mogami cord just has 4 strands. 2 blue, and 2 clear.


I can't tell from the picture but the AD700 should have to main leads, one with a + sign and one with a -. 


If it doesn't have the marks then you'll need a multi-meter to find out which is HOT and which is Ground (+ and -).


For each driver solder the blue wire to the + and solder the clear cable to the -. 


Then follow the configuration of my last post for how to connect the wires to the Neutrik connector. 

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I know for a fact in your picture that the red wire is the R+ and the plain copper wire is the R-. I should be wired the same in the left housing as well.

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There you go! Simple as pie. 


Although if you do plan on recabling your probably going to have to make a channel for the cord.


So a dremel may come in handy. 


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kulawend that is what i am planning.  anyways, i am pretty sure which is the + and - of my wiring now.  does the white wire only connect the phones to the cord?  does that go as the ground then or what?  anyways, i think i want to sell the ad700 and the hd555 and save up for a pair of 650 who already has the wiring i want.

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