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Originally Posted by Edouard View Post

Thanks for another great review !

So this amp have enough power to drive correctly  600 ohms beyers ? good to know because I own a yulong d100 (wink_face.gif) and a ficher audio fa-011 and I plan to buy a dt880 600 so I was looking for a slightly dark, smooth, and warm amp. 

What do you think about that?

Do you think the tubemagic is a good match with the yulong and bright headphones



Personally I don't think so. I owned 2 different A1s and I sold them both, for my taste (important) the A1 is too bright sounding (not only with the DT990/600, not enough body and bass. But that's my opinion, if you like that soundsignature, by all means, enjoy the A1. I know a lot of people do, yet for me there are other more compatible products

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Thanks for the reply , I'll look elsewhere

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Originally Posted by Mochan View Post

I just got my A1. I have to agree with pretty much everything Project86 said, except for the K702 sounding better with the M-Stage than the A1. I felt the A1 was the better match. :)


But otherwise yeah I am loving the value of this amp. It's really good.  Just how I like it, warm but not too fuzzy, bassy but not muddy. Great balance between transparency and coloration of the warm, bassy kind. The bass is really good. 


I would like to add one weakness of this amp: it doesn't have much juice. I have currently three other amps on hand that are much, much more powerful -- the Dared MP5 (intl version), the FiiO E9, and a portable, the nuclear-powered C&C X02. All are considerably more powerful than the A1. But the A1 sounds the best of them all IMO, which is saying a lot as I am terribly in love with the X02.


My A1 by the way has Raytheon tubes in them.


I'm gonna try these with speakers....

Same here, tomorrow I'll hook up some vintage Emersons, putting off so long only because these powered monitors are so huge!




My TubeMagic A1 shipped from Shanghai China on a Wednesday and arrived at my door on Friday. Think about that for a second. I would be very pleased if a domestic shipment arrived in just 2 days. The fact that it made it half way around the world in that same time frame is borderline unbelievable. I might have just been lucky with DHL having a particularly good week, but the bottom line is that Maverick doesn’t skimp on shipping.


Mine also shipped in that time frame. The man is a wizard, or he personally shoves PCP down the gullets of each one of the workers in the process

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Originally Posted by Edouard View Post

Thanks for the reply , I'll look elsewhere

Ultrainferno has good reason for those statements, I'm sure, but I actually find the DT880/600's to be a great match with my A1 and I use the combo at work pretty much every day.  Mine has the Raytheon 6AK5 upgrade tubes and I find them to be exactly what you're looking for...dark, smooth, and warm. 

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Hello everybody I am a new member trying to find my way around the music world. I've got the A1 with the stock tubes and have now got the Raytheon tube updates. But while trying to install them I hit a snag. I cant open the four screws on top of the unit. They dont look like star model screws and seem to be screwed into the chasis any idea what tool can be used to unscrew them?

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I believe they are just Allen (hex) screws. 

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Cheers thanks for the response liamstrain. I got them open with some mini pliers. And I also managed to get the new tubes installed. But now the left channel is not working the tube is simply not lighting up. I initially thought it was a tube malfunction, so I swapped out the tubes but the non firing tube worked in the right channel. So I guess it is a different issue. My voltmeter is currently not working so will get a new one and checkout. In the meantime has anybody faced this issue. I tried switching on and off(with ample cool off time) but to no avail.

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No worries got it fixed with some support from Ryan.

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Glad to hear. I've heard nothing but good things about Ryan and his customer support for these products. :)

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*Not creating a new topic mode on*  XD 


Hi guys! I got a Audioengine D1 and just bought a pair of Beyerdynamics DT880 Premium 600ohms and I am looking for an headphone amp. I hesitate between the Maverick Audio Tubemagic A1 and the Little Dot MK2... They are in the same price range but I don't know so much about tube amp... so i need help from you guys to define my choice!   I saw that the A1 is available with a Raytheon 6AK5 tube but is it make a difference?  Thanks for your help! 

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