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Hi guys,

Looking for a "vintage" PCDP. Would prefer NOS, but those are extremely rare, so just plain ol' used is fine.

ALO is selling NOS D-25 Discman. Excellent. To me, the price is quite fine for what it is.

I've contacted a guy who is selling a very old D-20 Discman (made in 1988). Thing's huge, looks awesome, cheap. The guy has yet to respond to some questions. Since I sold my iPod and am reverting to CDs... Looking for quality vintage gear. D-555 is a legend, so I can't find a functional one.

Shock protection isn't important. The famous old ones (Discman D-50, D-555 and some Technics on eBay all have battery defects).

So if I cannot obtain that big D-20, I`ll most likely go with the ALO D-25... Unless you guys have some good suggestions.

Easily changeable batteries (AA, AAA, 9V and the like) is greatly preferred, although those that use gumstick batteries are also accepted.

Thank you very much. It ain't easy finding quality CD players today.


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