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So I've been looking around for a pair of decent earphones for my brother, who has been nicking my Westone 3s at every opportunity he can get. I'll be off to uni again in about a week's time, so I don't have much time to do too much research.


That means that really I'm asking for suggestions rather than simply a direct comparison between the two. The only other earphones I can think off the top of my head are the RE0s and SE115s.


I have found a few threads about the W1s and UM1s, but they were mostly reviewed in isolation from one another, though I've read the W1s being compared to the UM3x a lot. So it'd be nice if someone who has or has tried both the W1s and the UM1s to give me their opinions and if there are other earphones I should consider as well.


Other factors to consider are:

  • My brother loves the bass on my Westone 3s, so good bass is important.
  • My budget is ~US$100. Although the Westone 1s are about $130, I've included it because I can get it for under $100.
  • Anything that my brother owns is rather prone to being destroyed/annihilated. Therefore build quality is very important.
  • I won't be ordering online, so I'm looking for earphones that are easy to find (for this reason I'm not so sure about the RE0s), i.e. earphones that you would reasonably expect to find in any earphone/headphone shop.


Thanks in advance!