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Just ordered new IEM's after a long hiatus. (UM2)

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I've always admired Westone IEM's. My Shure e4c IEM's died some time back (cable fray of course).


From my reading they have a war neutral sound which is definitely something I am fond of.


I went with the detachable cord option, with my previous experience with them being the week link. I ordered through FMASolutions and they have a great return policy if I don't love em.


I was thinking about pairing them up with a Little Dot amp of some sort so I can use them with my PS3 for gaming and movies and with my laptop. At some point I'll probably get a DAC.


Wish me luck.

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Can you get detachable cord option? never knew that! i got mine last week and definitely agree with the neutrality call.


Mine went through this weird harsh/sibilant period for a day but then they settled down..


Test the long and short foamies for a day each, the long foamies did produce a better seal with a deeper more solid low end response, but at the expensive of sibilance (for me anyway) and much less comfort.. maybe my ears are just too sensitive to sibilance

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Yeah after I lost used of my e4c after a year or two I was pretty bummed, so I definitely leaned toward a pair with detachable cords and a good reputation for durability. The UM2 are made in the USA as far as Ive read which I like a lot. They did run a bit more at $299 with the cords but I wasn't willing to lose another pair to cords anyways.

I'm glad you commented about the tips, I ordered the short comply tips with them on top of the standard set. I'm hoping they fit well my e4c felt best with yellow foams but got dirty fast once the black olives came out I bought a pair of medium olives which sounded amazing, but after 45 minutes of use my ear canals felt like they were being spread out. Very uncomfortable due to the pressure, they also get so tight that they hurt to pull out. Mind you not screaming agony but it's not a terribly pleasant experience, I'm hoping the comply tips will fit better and last for awhile.

Lastly I'm still wondering if little dot is a worthwhile brand. Thanks
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UM2's landed today, they sound great.


I initially tried the installed short comply tips. Bass felt a little out of hand, so I decided after 30 minutes to give the long small comply tips a shot. The bass settled down and tightened up unbelievably. Now I just wish I had ordered spare longs instead of shorts. Oh well.


These things sound great.

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Ignore my above comment about sibilance. I found out it was cos i was listening to poorly recorded material!


Yea some people prefer the long foamies, i must just have smaller ear canals.


Glad your liking them!

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