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I just received my second EF2A - a replacement for the first one I purchased that had a mysterious "summing to mono" issue.  This one seems to be working correctly.  However, I have one issue with it - gain.  With any IE type phones of even average sensitivity and impedance, I can barely get the volume control off the full off position before the volume is comfortably loud.  In fact, in order to get the volume control far enough on so that it is tracking L/R channel balance reasonably well - it's too loud most of the time. 


Is there any way to reduce the gain of the EF2A without resorting to "modifications" involving a soldering iron?

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bump - surely someone has something to say on this subject?

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You could try reducing the volume in Windows ?


Or try an impedance adapter.

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I wanted the EF2A to use mostly with an iPod... so mucking with the gain in Windows (throwing away bits and resolution) is really not an option in this configuration - but thanks for the idea.

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There's no easy solution. The ef2a has too much gain. I had problems with mine, resulting in me selling it at a loss.
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Originally Posted by TheWuss View Post

There's no easy solution. The ef2a has too much gain. I had problems with mine, resulting in me selling it at a loss.


I think I'm at the same place... unless I cabbage on to a pair of Senn 650's or something with higher impedance/low sensitivity that I would need this kind of gain for.


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Do you think this amp would work well with the shure Shr840?
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Most of the headphone sensitivity ratings guides I have seen to date show a considerable difference between IE phones and the dynamic cans worth listening to.  By orders of magnitude: 100+ db is the AVERAGE norm for today's IEs while we tend to see high quality cans in the low 90s.  The Hifi amp was designed to drive planar magnetic phones, which like electrostats, are notoriously hard to drive.  Because iPods don't have alot of power, the IEs were designed to be more sensitive,  


I have done my homework because, unlike you, i need gain.  Mucho gain.  Got some aural mis-wiring to deal with upside my head, so....


If you want to keep the ef2a, invest it in an HE-5LE or HE-6 can and experience what others are calling aural nirvana (I plan to give the combo a shot myself soon as I finish reading a few more reviews, so take my advice with a grain of salt and do the homework as befits ye).  But if your IE experience while multi-tasking is preferable to listening whilst on your duff sipping a brewski, maybe something sized like the Beyer T50p might work...just a thought because its a smallish headphone relatively speaking.  It has garnered some neat press, as well. 

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My bad.  I meant the T5p.  

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I'm a total noob with this but didn't the old amplifiers (70s-80s) put resistors in the output path for the headphone out?  Maybe you can modify a Y cable so that one side is cut with resisters in the signal path - the 650s are 300 ohm so if you want to get to that level you could run a few 100-200 ohm resistors.

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Hi there,


Just recently purchased the HifiMan EF2A myself and yes it is very LOUD on my Hifiman RE0 headphones, typically not getting anywhere near the 9 o'clock position on the amplifier...


I was thinking of purchasing some proper on the head type headphones like the Beyer Dynamic DT770 80 ohms (or 250 ohms?) which would take a bit more driving, anyone have an opinion if this is a good selection for a full size, closed headphone around the £150 mark to pair up with the EF2A?


Note: they have to be closed type headphones as I use them at work.


Willing to hear other suggestions / ideas people





p.s. I have replaced the stock valves with the following:- M8100/CV4010/6AK5W MULLARD NOS MATCHED PAIR

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