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Portable Heaphone, Upgrading PX100 (or PortaPro)?

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Hello, its been a while I've been involved in Head-Fi.


I have had my PX100 for a while now as my portable can and I was wondering if there was a perhaps better replacement?


My treasured PX100 snapped in half when my sister accidentally stepped on it.


I would like the opinion of wiser members here who are for more knowledgeable in this matter.


My budget is sub $200 US.


p.s. I already have Koss PortaPro (which is also broken and need to be sent to koss...lol)

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Porta Pros.  Two days ago, I would have said PX100s...but today, I know for sure, for me...Porta Pros - for 25 years they had it right.


Here's my review of both of them.

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I'm in a similar situation, having recently given my PX100 away as a gift. I tried the porta pros, but found them uncomfortable (the hinge clip thing on the right side would rub against my ear). I really liked the sound and compactness of the PX100. Are the PX100-ii worth the upgrade? Any similar tiny portables out there?

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My thoughts exactly, portapro and px100 is known as the best portable headphones, is it possible to go farther?

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Without becoming an "airhead", with great difficulty.

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FWIR... a full size headphone that some use as a portable is the ATH-M50. Another is the HD25-1 II, which is supra-aural. Search M50 and HD25-1. 


You also may want to post in the portable headphones forum. 

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