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Hey guys..


I know this is a quiet .. stupid thread but I am quiet new to mobile sources.. I need to get a good overview..


So I would love to know which players are "omg-damn-nice" and which are the "bah-dat-sux" =)

So could anyone please order the following players by sound quality?

Of course this is always based on "personal impression", so I guess there will be some different opinions. But I just need a small overview.


Ipod Nano 5

Ipod Classic

Ipod Touch 3G

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

Sansa Clip+

Sansa Fuze

Cowon J3

Cowon S9

Cowon D2 / + (any dif.?)

Cowon iAudio 9

Cowon iAudio 7


I don't/won't use any sort of portable amp, if that's important to say.


Thanks a lot guys


and sry for my english ^-^