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Originally Posted by Markj View Post

My 3G Kindle3 froze after I signed in to MSN mail. But for books it's excellent, saving money on books and selection is the best feature. Amazon is just amazing.

Do you mean that it froze after you signed on to MSN mail using the Kindle web browser?
In my very brief use with the WB I wouldn't expect much at all from it.  Things like graphics, animation or any client-side functions such as Java enabled apps are likely not going to work. 

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I am no longer disappointed now that I finally figured out Amazon dedicated different areas to prominent authors.  Does anyone have any good recommendations for Kindle ready books to help learn Spanish?

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An excellent source for leather Kindle covers (also nook & ipad):




Highly recommended.

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I like the kindle, although the user interface and menu navigation could be better.  Book prices are being set by the publishers, which stinks.  Why not follow the print business model, with a wholesale and suggested retail price, then let amazon and barnes&noble etc discount to battle it out?

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I just got a Kindle 3 and use it mainly for PDF's.... Love it

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After living with the Kindle for a while, I have decided that its' thin nature makes me feel as if it is fragile.....so..........I picked up Amazon's leather cover with the light and it really does work great and was worth the price.

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I may get one next summer if the prices go down a bit more.  I have an iPad, but it is not the best for reading out in the sun, so it would be nice to start reading a book inside on the iPad and go outside with the kindle and pick up where I left off.  The seamless way they work on several devices makes it a nice compliment to the iPad. 

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well ive had mine a few hours and so far i really dont like it, its really anaying me comming from the prs-600 i keep wanting to touch the screen to control things and you cant.  wich id just bought a prs650 now and i suspect i probably will shortly

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See I already had a kindle 3 when I got to play with the sony in a shop.  Didn't like the touch screen.  It's not just a tap on the screen to turn a page, its a swipe to the left or right.  Can see that getting annoying rapidly, not to mention thumbprints on the screen it self.  Had my kindle for a couple of weeks now and love it.  Do agree that it feels like it should be in a case.  About the only thing I would change is to have the page turn buttons a little more in than where they currently are.



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you realise you push the page turn buttons on the sonys if you want?


picked up a 650 today and i really cant decide if the kindles going back or the free data on it might grow on me

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After three months of ownership the Kindle has certainly grown on me.  Often I get a new device, use it for a couple of months and then largely forget about it, but the kindle has actually reawakened my love for reading simply because of the simplicity.  I have noticed that many of Amazon's prices seem to have dropped over the last several months.  Also, the lighted case really does make the thing more ergonomic and completely eliminated my fears regarding the device's perceived fragility.

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I have been using the kindle 3G for the last 2-3 months too. Love it over all. My only complain would be around ergonomic. Kindle is a little top heavy and there should have been more hand grip space. I found I occasionally pressed the page turning buttons by error due to lack of hand grip space. Other than that, the screen* is good (sharp and non fatiguing) and that it is very light weight making reading big book a pleasure. As for 3G it works well, shopping in kindle store is easy - in fact too easy, one could easily pressed the "BUY" button by error if one isn't careful. The freebie 3G internet works as well albeit slow and crashes occassionally. I now carried it around with me (in my coat pocket with a potective cover) when I travelled around London.


*The screen could be a little larger so one doesn't need to turn page as often but not a hugh issue.

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I almost got one of these for xmas as my wife and I read quite a bit, but the two things which were determining factors for me was 1) price of ebooks, and 2) the selection on amazon up here in Canada.

Yeah, as stated in the original post, I thought the cost of downloading a book would be much cheaper than it actually is.  Since we get most of our books from used sources (value village, thrift stores, etc...), it is still cheaper in paper form.


As for living up north, I had heard that if you register your kindle with a US address, than you would have access to all the titles in the US as opposed to the dismal Canadian selection.  Can anybody confirm this?

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btw i kept the kindle, i shouldnt have i never ever use.  the Sony PRS-650 is just vastly better

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Have you done any RSS reading on the Kindle? I don't read many books, but I'd like a better way to read my RSS feeds than using my iPhone or my computer.

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